Saturday, October 31, 2020


Hello there!

How are you doing? It's election days in California, and I just wanted to say that I voted, and I hope you did to, if it is important to you.

Sometimes some people get really stressed out over political times so I thought I'd link to some posts below just in case you'd like some destressing this week.

Hope that these posts are helpful.

It's been some weeks since I've posted, and I hope you will forgive me. I'm doing a lot of spiritual experiments, and they are consuming my time because it is a priority for me.

I'd really like to share some of the results but, the experiences are very sacred, and hard to articulate in a way that would be helpful to all. That's my excuse. 

Critical times asks, often begs for focus, and that is what I have been doing. Focusing on spiritual things.

God bless you my dear sweet reader, I am ever praying for your self compassion to destress.

Take good care, and speak soon...

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