Monday, March 4, 2019

How to Destress Yourself Within a Minute


How are you doing this day?

I pray that you are okay!

I just want to share with you a way that you can Destress Yourself within a minute. 

If you experience negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and/or depression, stress relief may not come within a minute but if you practice this on a regular basis you can, and will discover calmness more regularly, anytime, and anywhere.

Remember practice conditions into permanence...

First, find yourself sitting upright and relaxed in a quiet uninterrupted environment. 

Second, close your eyes and take a slow deep breath in through your nose, filling your lungs to full capacity, like balloons. 

Third, hold your inhalation for three seconds. 

Fourth, exhale slowly through your mouth, imagining yourself releasing all of your tension as you breath out, and intentionally feel your body relax. 

Do this three times. 

Finally, sit for a moment and see if you can feel your heart beat.

When we do this exercise we intentionally relax and take our thoughts, which might be racing due to stress, out of our head and bring our focus into our body. 

This can be done at anytime and anywhere but the most desirable place would be in the quiet privacy of your home when alone. 

Make this a regular practice and you will notice your ability to relieve yourself from stress immediately when needed.

I just wanted to give you a simple way to release strain and tension if needed, especially in light of one of my last posts and trying to persuade you to meditate.

This is a path of practice into safety and security in the present moment when the mind is tricking you into fear.

In other words, practicing the self out of insecurity into confidence, which will not only help you in the moment but, it will help you in your future.

Try it...

You'll like it...

And, you will begin to discover the real relief is within you.

God bless you my friend...

I love you!