Saturday, March 9, 2019

Destressing Insanity

Hello! Hello!

How are you my dear sweet friend?

Praying a special prayer that you are super duper allie ooper, and that you are having tons of fun!

I just wanna discuss insanity for a moment. Actually, my insanity...

When I was a younger me I use to complain, criticize, dramatize, and gossip. 

Yup! I did...

It was crazy because I didn't want people to complain about me or criticize me yet I was complaining about and criticizing others. 

What's even crazier is I did not want drama, and I did not want other people gossiping about me yet I was creating drama, and gossiping about others. 

In other words, I was doing to others what I didn't want others doing to me. I was doing what I did not love. Also, I was bringing myself, and others down because of this behavior.

Now I know that, and I know that those were habits of reaction. So, I changed focus, and I created habits to replace the crazy ones.

Another thing, I don't necessarily want people all up in my business, and so I try my hardest to stay out of other peoples' business. 

I know, with all my heart and soul that my business is between God and me. What I do, say, and think has everything to do with God, and me. Therefore, I try my hardest to behave accordingly.

So... I have changed those crazy habits with much more fun ones. That's right! Matter of fact, I'm still in the process of changing them because I am human, I am imperfect, and I just keep on a practicing. 

And... I'm still crazy, just a different funner kind, ask anybody who knows me.

Are you complaining, criticizing, dramatizing, and gossiping?

These are all very stressful habits because of the focus on things that are unpleasant. The opposites would be appreciating, complimenting, and living in the present moment with confidence, which not only provides relief from stress but also lifts the environment in which one stands. 

Do you believe in the necessity of focusing on the unpleasant? If you do, that is your human right, and it is very human of you. (wink)

Do you also believe that we have a choice on what we focus on?

Whether a person believes we can choose what to focus on or not, we can. Human nature begs to focus on the emotionally negative aspects of this life which provokes fear, aka stress. Spiritual nature begs for focus on the details that will pursue faithfulness and fearlessness, aka unconditional love.

Practiced fear supplies anger, anxiety, and depression. Practiced faith creates calm, confidence, happiness, joy, vitality, and well-being. When we are practicing faithful and fearless focus we are lifting the environment, and it is impossible to bring anyone down, including the self.

Which will you choose? Faith or Fear? Stress or Well-Being?

Just some thoughts I wanted to throw your way...

Have a wonderful day my dear sweet friend.

God bless you...

I love you...