Monday, March 11, 2019

How to Destress Yourself Now!

Hey, Hey!

How you doing today?

I hope and pray you are alright!

There are so many ways to Destress Yourself. 

One of the most instantaneous ways is to learn a stress management technique I call the pause button. 

Literally, you pause everything from your thoughts to your emotions to your physical tension in your body. 

This is so easy to do but it takes discipline.

Maybe you have stress at work that is causing you anger and anxiety. 

This is the perfect time to use the pause button and no one will even know you are doing it.

This is how it goes, when you are experiencing difficulties at work that is causing emotional stress, you simply close your eyes and imagine yourself hitting a big fat red button in front of you and you pause everything around you. 

Take a deep breath, notice your body relax, take your thoughts out of your mind and into your body by feeling your heart beat.

This is so awesome because it freezes your thoughts, feelings, actions, and your stress. 

What's really awesome is that it's funny as hell. As you practice it, you will think it is so silly, you will literally laugh out loud, and you will chill.

Try it, you will like it!

Remember, practice makes perfect and this is definitely a way to instantly destress yourself, which really means to be stress free.

Have fun with this and be playful because it is in your nature.

Just do it, and watch what your imagination does for you.

You will crack up, and you will want to keep doing it.

That's it Sugar...

I love you..

Speak soon...