Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Questioning Insecurity, i.e., Stress

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How are you doing today?

You know I pray that you are alright everyday!?!

Today I'd like to ramble a little bit about confidence and insecurity because one brings happiness and the other brings stress.

I am compelled to tell this story...

About seven years ago, I worked at this facility, and one of the security personnel was articulating dissatisfaction concerning his own life. When he was done explaining, I asked him a question that went something like, "Why don't you..." He then responded very rudely with, "I know what I am not capable of!"

What he was saying to me, in a very angry manner, was that he did not believe he was good enough, or smart enough to do for himself. The reason I am sharing this story, but not the specifics, is because the most insecure people would rather argue their limitations and be right about themselves than think a thought in their favor and/or be wrong.

You may be saying, "I'm pretty sure I know my limitations."

I know! That was me too!!! That was the more self-conscious, younger me.

Really insecure people believe that their entire worth is based on being right. It's an illusion and provides a very stressful life. Could you imagine having to be right even if it means sacrificing your happiness, health, love life, or wealth?

Being insecure is the ultimate type of stressful personality because it's a practiced fear. 

Every person has some doubt about career, health, money, relationships, or wealth. It's totally normal. 

But not every person has insecurity about all or at least most of the above mentioned. Individuals who have severe uncertainty, have a practiced stress that holds on to being right more than nearly anything.

Don't believe me? Do you believe you have to be right?

In my younger years, I believed that being right was one of the most important things to me, and that belief supplied me with a very closed mind.

The opposite of a closed mind is an open mind, which leads to enlightenment.

In my younger years I was angry, anxious, depressed, and full of despair. And I spent a lot of time there because I was unwilling to learn from others by listening. My views of myself were narrow and, although at an intellectual level I understood that I was responsible for my happiness, I wasn't listening to anyone for solutions. This self-conscious state made me a coward.

I'm not calling anyone a coward! I said I made me a coward, and it was all because I wouldn't believe in myself enough to even think a thought in my favor. I had to be right more than I had to be happy, healthy, loving, or wealthy. All of which create confidence and joy.

Here I go again with the practice makes permanent...

In my younger years I was practicing a closed mind, with fear of being wrong because my worth was based on being right and that practice created only dissatisfaction for life.

Now, in my wiser years ~wink~ I practice learning by listening to understand. I practice understanding that I can look for the truth in anything, and agree or disagree without saying a word.

What I am trying to elude to is open your mind to listening IF you are experiencing unhappiness from anger, anxiety, depression, or despair.

If you want happiness, joy, and vitality in your life, please open your mind to suggestions how to get there, especially from anyone who is extremely successful at being there.

You wouldn't take financial advise from anyone who never has any money, or may not even have money at their own disposal.

You wouldn't take weight loss advise from someone who is obese, and/or has been obese their entire life.

You wouldn't take any relationship advise from anyone who's been divorced several times, or even two times, or even one time.

Part of creating a destressed life is developing confidence, enlightenment, and wisdom by looking at those whom are successful at what you want to be successful at. Listen to them and watch them, and discern what you want to do, then do THAT!

I practice calming myself, and connecting to God because that is what I want out of life. So, I learn by listening to and watching people whom are calm and connected to God.

The old insecure me would only speak complaints, and criticism because that was my focus. But now, my focus is on practicing calmness, and connecting to God. I am so imperfect at it so I just keep on a practicing, never ever beating myself up, and always trying to have an open mind.

Do you? Could you? Would you believe in yourself enough to question your open mindedness towards yourself? 

Just something to think about so that you may relieve your stress of unwanted feelings of fear.

That is all...



God bless...

Take care...