Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How To Destress Right Now

How to destress right now is what I wanna ramble about this day.

Hello there my friend, how are you this extraordinarily lovely day?

What I would like to do is share a simple way that you can destress yourself right now, especially if you are stressed out.

This is gonna be a short post, just because I can, so here we go.

Recently, I helped an individual who was super duper allie ooper stressed out about money and the future.

He was so stressed out he was having headaches, stomach problems, and he couldn't sleep.

This is the crazy thing about stress...

When we discussed his situation, the fear was only in the habit of worry.  He had no devastation, he has, and always has had enough money, and there was no impending doom for the future.

He was super duper stressed because he was really good at worrying.

He was so good at worrying he had anxiety that was reeking havoc to his mind via headaches, body via stomach problems, and lifestyle via sleeping problems.

Stress, aka fear, was making this man miserable.

If you are super duper stressed it is most likely because of fear.

Are you worried?

Did something devastating happen or are you just worried about what will happen?

When we have a devastation, it is absolutely normal to be stressed out, but if we are just worried about something, we can cure that stress right away, and this is how...



Stop worrying, and take care of you: your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Take a deep, deep breath, and as you exhale just feel your body relax.

You can relax you know? 

And if you can't relax, it could be you haven't practiced it enough, so get to practicing.

Did you know that worry is faith that the absolute worst thing that can happen is going to happen?

Think about that for a moment...

This gentleman that I mentioned was focusing, and thinking about the absolute worst things that could happen, and that is what was causing all of his stress.

Worry is doubt and fear over situations thought about.

Worry is focusing on the worst thing that can happen, and it activates the stress response.

So... think of the absolute best possible thing that can, and will happen. 

Get a visual of the absolute best thing that can happen to you, feel it, and notice how good that feels.

Anyone can know inspiration, and motivation when they visualize the best result. 

If you have read my blog before, you've read my words that practice makes perfect.

So please, practice worrying about the best thing that can happen. 

When you practice thinking about the best you begin to focus on the best, and this creates faith.

Faith is the Father (or Mother ~ wink, wink) of all the feel good emotions.

You have a choice my friend, you can choose to practice worrying and feel like poop or you can choose to practice faith and feeling good.

When we have faith, all kinds of miracles begin to happen.

Know that you can do this, know that you can focus on the best outcome, know that you can feel good with faith on a regular basis, and know that you can handle anything no matter what happens.

This is all about you taking care of you!

This is all about the free agency of thought.

You can, and will, take control of your thoughts, create faith, and destress your stress, right now if you practice the visual of the best outcome!

This post is just a reminder, for you to take care of you! If you do not take care of you, you cannot take care of anybody else, so stop worrying, practice relaxing, think of the best, create faith, and feel good.

You can do this! I know you can! You know you can!


The individual I mentioned earlier in this post got it.  He got that he had an unhealthy habit of worry, which created misery. I am so happy and grateful to report that he is a changed person just by focusing on what he wants rather than worrying about the worst.

How does he do it? Well, he is a new converted meditation practitioner. If I could, I would, and will, teach the world to meditate.

People always come to me for help, and I advise them to meditate.  Those who meditate will get it, and those who won't, unfortunately will remain in their distress.

That's all I gots...