Thursday, October 8, 2020

Is God Real?

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I'm ever praying for your happiness, health, success, and wealth.

In my last post, Are You Paying Attention, I delineated ten things I know for sure, and the first one was, God is very real. If you haven't read it, and would like to, you may by clicking here.

Do you know, in your heart and soul, God is very real?

I do! How do I know? I'm just lucky I guess. Ha ha ha, just kidding.

The very first time I heard about Heavenly Father, I knew, deep down in my soul that what I was hearing was very real. It was when I was at the tender age of about four years old.

Since that time, I have always asked Heavenly Father to help me get closer to him and understand more.

Every time I would wish upon a falling star, I would whisper in my mind, "Help me get closer to you, God."

Throughout my youth, I attended church with whom ever would ask me, and my Grandmother would take me every time I visited her, or she visited us.

When my son was born, and I held him for the first time, I prayed a special prayer promising Heavenly Father I would teach my son about him if he would help me. It was a covenant I made in my heart with God.

In my young, single motherhood, I would suffer much with fear about finances, and it amplified my anger, anxiety, depression, and deep despair. In my deepest moments of despair, I would get on my knees, crying to my Heavenly Father, and I received comfort every single time. Sometimes it was immediate, and other times it was not. 

Nevertheless, I poured my heart out, and I was heard.

I've been reading, and studying the scriptures since 1989, and I have received guidance and inspiration on many things, ever since. 

The greatest guidance I have ever received, and continue to, is to better myself so I may know Heavenly Father more, and be an example to others. It is, and has been, important to practice what I preach, as a destress specialist, not only for my son, but also for the people I help.

The guidance and inspiration I have received, over the last three decades, has brought me to a faithful and fearless place of knowing that God is very present in all of our lives. This presence gives me inner peace.

The thing about knowing God is real is, I had to do the work to get to where I am now. Often, I wake up with, and feel through out the day, God's love for me and others. This feeling is ineffable. The only word I can use to describe it is bliss.

Sometimes this joy that I feel is so overwhelming, I cry to release it. It's a happy, joy filled cry.

This inner peace and joy provides much happiness, and vitality. Is my life perfect? Nearly! Am I perfect? Not even nearly. I am but a toddler in spiritual things.

The work that I have done comes from the scriptures, and the teachings from Jesus.

The greatest commandment, and the greatest instructions are from the Holy Bible.

To love the Lord thy God, is the greatest commandment. To meditate on, and study, the scriptures is the greatest instructions.

When you love someone, you learn about them, and listen to them.

I learn from, and hearken to the scriptures, which is the book of life, and the book of God.

I listen to Heavenly Father, through Jesus' words, and through the still small voice. This still small voice gives me guidance and inspiration on many things. 

When we love God with all our might, mind, and strength, he is very near. God is love, and when we love, God abides in us.

How do we love? Jesus shows us through his example, and when we follow his example, it begins in the mind. The choice to have charity and compassion for others begins in our mind. Our mental choice to love creates a connection between God and this life. It's all about the focus. 

I have learned that I am love, and when I love, not only does God abide in me, perfect love abides in me. Perfect love casts out all human fear. This fear displays itself in emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, and despair.

Some people do not believe in God. Maybe these individuals prayed for something they did not receive, believe their prayer wasn't answered, and then concluded God is not real. 

The truth is, we cannot dictate to God how we want our life to be, and expect he is going to just give it to us like a rich Daddy who spoils his offspring who gets anything he or she wants?  

Various persons do not give God the time of day until desperation hits, and then they pray, begging for their specific desires. Sometimes, when the prayer is answered, the individual forgets about God until the next crisis. 

Others profess to not believe in God, and even cuss at or proclaim to hate him. To cuss at or hate something one doesn't believe in, is a contradiction. Meaning, they really do believe, and may not understand, thus the bitterness.

Even the atheist turns to God in desperation. How do I know? They turn to me and ask questions about the Divine when in times of need.

To talk and walk with God takes work, and with this work comes great evidence and understanding that he is, in fact, really real.

I know Heavenly Father is real because I feel very close to him. I feel his love for me and for you, and I receive guidance and inspiration every single day of my life.

I know Heavenly Father because I practice what Jesus asks me to. 

Love Heavenly Father!

Love thy neighbor!

Have faith!

Be patient!


Be thankful for all things!

Focus on the good!

Pray always!

Connection to God is a mental, mind, ninja skill, and it takes practice.

A child must practice crawling to crawl, walking to walk, running to run, and reading to read. An adult must learn how to do a job, and sometimes obtain a degree, before he or she can secure his or her occupation.

When a three year old wants to run out into a busy street, a loving Father prevents it because he knows the child is not ready to cross the street on his own due to inexperience and lack of understanding.

This is a wonderful thing to know because we can scream and yell all we want when we don't get what we want, just as a toddler may when his Father won't let him run out and cross a dangerous street.

We can learn to understand Heavenly Father and his ways in order to know he is real if we don't know it already. This comprehension takes spiritual study and application.

We can learn to understand Heavenly Father in order to know how to talk and walk with him. 

Learning faith in God, takes contemplation, focus, patience, practice, retraining, and trust.

I am forever studying, and practicing so that I may learn more and more about spiritual things, and how real God is.

The preceding sentence is my sole purpose in giving exercises through this blog. I want more spiritual understanding, and I want anyone, who wants to, to accompany me on this journey of getting to know our Father in heaven.

So, is God real?

Yes, indeed! He is very real!

This blog, my dear reader, is for you, and for me to get to know, more and more, how truly real Heavenly Father is.

Heavenly Father is the reason...

Praying you know, with all your heart and soul, God is real!

May God bless you with comfort, direction, faith, focus, and inner peace, my dear sweet reader.

Take good care!

Speak soon...