Monday, September 28, 2020

Are You Paying Attention?

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How are you doing my dear reader? 

I'm doing pretty darn good! 

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It's my birth month and so I must apologize for not posting for two weeks.

Every year I try to take the entire month of September off but this year I was denied. It is a very, very, active time.

Nevertheless, I wake up every morning with a pep in my step, pens in my shirt, Sperry's on my feet, and a song in my soul.

In my last post, Failure Versus Success, I wrote about really paying attention to my life. Did you read it? If not, and you'd like to, you may by clicking here.

I was never really taught to pay attention to my life the way I do now. When I began my undergraduate studies in Behavioral Science, I was trained to observe other peoples' behavior, and in turn noticed my own.

I have learned much in my twenty six years of researching, studying, and writing about behavior, spirituality and stress, and this is what I know for sure.


God is very real! 

I know this with all my heart and soul, and with every fiber of my being.


There are three kinds of people. 

Person A is the one who will always encourage you, and cheer you on because he or she knows our capabilities as humans. 

Person B is the one who will always discourage you, and speak words of fear because he or she has an unclear view of reality. 

Person C is the one who will encourage or discourage you based on how they are feeling about themselves, which is determined by what their current mood is because of what's going on in their life at the moment.


There are three stages in life, and they are innocence, adolescence, and enlightenment. 

Person A is mostly enlightened, person B is mostly adolescent, and person C teeters between adolescence and enlightenment. 

Adolescence is a sort of innocence but with a competitive attitude. This sort of viewpoint is a you against me kind of thinking, which creates confusion. This opposition is, in fact, from an individual's reaction to his or her human experience.

Enlightenment is a calm, compassionate, and cooperative attitude, which creates clarity, along with happiness, health, love, success, and wealth.


Attitude determines personality!

Personality influences potentiality!

The reason I ask if you are paying attention is we, as humans, have the magnificent power to choose our attitude, and personality, and therefore choose our experiences in life. 

We may not be able to dictate what happens to us, or how people treat us but, we can choose our attitude of reacting. This choice leads to living a life of failure versus success

Difficulties are not reserved for the very few that are living a life of struggle and suffering. Hard times happen to everyone, and a person's reaction determines the path they walk.

These regular responses shape one's personality.


Anyone can change their life by changing their attitude. 

In my many years of learning, one of the first, and most important things I discovered is to have an open mind. 

In my younger, abrasive attitude years, I was very insecure and I had a very closed mind. 

Now, in my, I am trying to be perfect, pure, love years, I have a very open mind and it gives me compassion, and understanding.

Evidence has shown me, personally and professionally, it takes desire and an open mind to learning and listening to make changes.


We are focusing habitual mechanisms, and whether we focus by default or desire, we are practicing confidence or insecurity into permanence, and often times perfection.

A person's behaviors comes from their beliefs, which comes from experiences, and unique habitual thoughts about these experiences. These thoughts come from either a competitive or cooperative understanding.

The above statement is my explanation of human conditioning in it's entirety.

Like our DNA, and our fingerprints, our experiences and reactions are exclusive, and cannot, or could never, be duplicated by another.

Human conditioning is the opposite of spiritual nature in that the former is competitive, and the latter cooperative. We are born spiritual, cooperative beings and continue to be so unless conditioned otherwise. 

Some of us are lucky enough to have guardians that are calm, confident, and cooperative in most all things, and therefore sustain this spiritual nature. Some of us experience less cooperation, and more competition and conditional love, thus, are trained accordingly.

Cooperation comes from confidence, which is basically spiritual. Competition comes from insecurity, which is human misunderstanding. 

The preceding statement would have been absolutely impossible for me to comprehend, in my youth.


No one! Not one person, needs a calling in church, or an hourly rate to help another person. 

Helping others is a choice by desire. 

I have the fortunate opportunity to help others, all of the time. Sometimes I get paid, and sometimes I don't. 

One thing is for sure, and that is God uses other humans, like myself, to do his work. Not only do I believe this with all my heart, mind and soul, I live it with all my heart, mind, and soul. 

I behave as I believe, and this behaving leads me to my purpose in life. Living my purpose gives me such great happiness, joy, and vitality. 


My calling is my purpose, and my purpose is God's business. Everyone's purpose is God's business, and it's different for everyone. 

Maybe you believe the words I am writing, but have a hard time living them. The only thing I can do is encourage you to practice believing, and the behavior will follow.

It really helps to pay attention to you! Are you paying attention to your attitude and reactions? Or are you paying attention to what others are doing and how these doings are making you happy or miserable? 

If you are in other peoples' business you are not in your own. If you are not in your own business, how can/could you be about God's?

When an individual is blaming circumstances and other people for their misery, they are not taking responsibility for their attitude and reactions.

Taking responsibility is self control, and this influence leads to our individual power.

Self control is power and wisdom, and lack of self control is giving up this power, which dumb's us down towards anger, anxiety, depression, and/or despair, which resides with insecurity, fear, and stress.

Stress is no one's fault but it can be anyone's responsibility to level up to more success.


People who level up in life by desire believe in themselves. 

Everyone becomes more, one way or another, but there are those individuals who have desire, and confidence, whom expand in all things.


Any person, who is functional in society, has the capability to create, and develop, confidence. Anyone can learn to believe in themselves if they really want to! The point is, they have to want to.

Long post, I know...

Got an exercise for you though...

He he he...

You know me... ~wink~

If you really want to pay attention to you, and know if you are a person A, B, or C, try this...

As you drive in traffic, notice your own behavior whether you are calm, confident, and cooperative, or if you are blaming, complaining, and criticizing other drivers.

The best way to know if you are competitive or cooperative is noticing your behavior while in traffic.

Person A is chill, Person B is wound tight, and Person C can be either depending on what just happened, or is happening at the moment.

Try it...

See how it goes...

I want to be a Person A, calm, chill, confident, and cooperative with God, life, and others because that makes me about my business. When I am about my spiritual business, I'm about God's business, and that gives perfect happiness, health, love, success, and wealth.

That's all I gots...

Praying you are more than alright...

Praying for your comfort and strength always my dear sweet reader...

Speak soon...