Saturday, November 14, 2020

Spiritual Experiments to Destress

Hello Dear Reader!

Spiritual Experiments to Destress is what I'd like to discuss this day...

How are you doing? I am ever praying for your happiness, health, love, and wealth. 

Actually, I pray everyday for all of these for our world. These are the things people want! I believe the first one, happiness, is what everyone really wants.

Some people have health problems, some have love difficulties, and others need money. Many people believe that these things will bring happiness but what if happiness could bring these things?

If stress is the number one cause of every illness, and happiness, which is very much an attitude of faith, is the opposite of stress, which is basically fear. Couldn't happiness heal illness?

If insecurity is the number one cause of every heartbreak, couldn't happiness cure it?

What if anxiety and worry keeps a person in dire need of money because of the focus on lack, i.e., the problem, versus focusing on a solution?

In order to answer these questions one must create an experiment in his or her own life to see if these theories are true or false.

In my very young years as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), I conducted my very first spiritual experiment I can remember, and without even knowing it.

During this time I was having such a difficult time with health, love, and wealth. My energy was low, I had no love for myself, and I was in mental anguish due to finances. Barely making enough money to survive, working long hours, and experiencing harassment from a very few men. 

Every Sunday, I had always attended church, and one service really hit my soul to have a constant prayer in my heart. So, I felt inspired to pray constantly, for every situation, and person before me.

I prayed for the people I worked with, whether I liked them or not. I prayed for patients and their family members. I prayed for everything before me with an appreciation in my heart.

The most amazing things happened for me during this "spiritual experiment." All the things I needed came to me. My energy was through the roof, I felt extremely good, and opportunity for more weekly income came.

Not only that, but this was the first time I was aware of clear and specific, internal guidance and inspiration to do things. 

The still small voice was strong. 

Several times, when we received emergency calls, I would be prompted to bring equipment on scene that we would not ordinarily bring for certain calls. The equipment that I was prompted to bring was what we needed, and it saved us the energy and time from having to return to the ambulance to get it. 

Crazy? Maybe to me back then, but now, I am used to guidance and inspiration due to the spiritual experiments I do weekly for myself, and with people I help.

This prayerful experience, in my humble opinion, brought me closer to many of the men I worked with. You see, I was often the only female among my coworkers. It was a very challenging time for me.

Would you like to level up in destressing you? If you would, I propose that you try this spiritual experiment I discuss above. Pray for every situation you are in, and for every person in front of you. Then, just see what happens.

See if your energy rises, health improves, love increases, and money comes your way, if you need it.

I have theories! My number one theory, which is at the foundation of all of my beliefs, is the law of love. 

When you love, things improve. As you pray for others, you are, in essence, sharing and showing your love.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." ~1 John 4:18, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

This scripture is the greatest reference to destressing yourself, and life isn't it? Stress is fear! Some people think it's a situation, like what you may be going through. But! Actually, stress comes from our reaction and what we think about what's going on.

There is no stress in love! Love is the remedy to destress, and prayer can, and will bring anyone closer to love. Prayer is communication with our Father in Heaven. Therefore, we are connecting to God as we pray for others. We are also serving God when we pray for others.

If you want to increase your connection with God, and destress more, try the spiritual experiment my dear sweet friend. Try it for at least a week, and if you write down the daily successes, it will only enhance your experience.

If you really want to level up spiritually, do the experiment for the rest of the year, and just watch things evolve for you. All's you gotta do is "pray always." Luke 21:36, New Testament, Holy Bible, KJV

Do it for you, if you want to. I'll do it too! I'll do it until December 31, 2020, I'll document it, and promise to share the spiritual results.

I share this because I know with all my heart and soul, spiritual experiments will destress anyone's stress. My humble opinion from years of experience.

Have a wonderful day dear special one! 

Speak soon...