Thursday, November 28, 2019

Destressing Your Hurry

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend...

Destressing your hurry is what I'd like to write about this day...

How are you doing? 

Praying you are grateful and thankful this day.

The next item on the stress test is, are you in a hurry?

You may recognize right away that you are always in a hurry or you may not even realize that you are. The number one sign of stress is denial, which means you believe everything is alright when in fact, you and your family are suffering. The suffering I am talking about is not enjoying life, and/or living with anxiety, which is detrimental to health. Most of all, anxiety is detrimental to children in the house hold because they are conditioned up in it, and causes great distress in the future.

But, if everything is alright that's cool. But if it's not, you, and your families happiness, health, relationships, and wealth may be at stake.

How do you know if you are in denial, and need to destress your hurry, which I call the hurry up disease.

In my book, How to Destress Via Stress Test & Stress Relief, I discuss the possible problems caused by always being in a hurry, and some solutions. 

What I'd like to discuss a little more is how does one know if he or she is always in a hurry. Allow me to ask some questions so that you may discover for yourself if you have the hurry up disease.

Do you know how to relax? This is huge. If you do not know how to relax, or you think you need a vacation to relax but can't even relax on your vacation, you probably have the hurry up disease.

Do you jump out of bed in the morning with the attitude that you have so many things to get done?

Do you say to anyone, in your head or out loud, "Hurry up?"

Are you always late because your schedule is full? Or do you always say you're busy? If the answer is yes to either, you may have the hurry up disease.

I understand that you may have excuses that you call reasons, and that's fine, the only thing about that is it doesn't relieve the problem of the hurry up. It doesn't relieve the issues of potential dangers to you or your families happiness, or health. It does, however, sustain denial.

So, I have an experiment for you. Whether you believe you do or don't have the hurry up disease, try this...

Just intentionally notice if you are in a hurry.

Today, tell yourself that you are going to observe, to make sure, you do or don't move your life in a state of hurry.

Just notice it. 

Just observe it.

If you do find that you are in a hurry, I'd just like to suggest that you may want to do something to remedy it so that you may prevent illness, or injury.

The hurry up disease is a form of stress, aka strain, on the emotional, mental, and physical state of being.

The hurry up disease also allows for accidents to happen because of the state of urgency and lack of focus, aka as paying attention to what you are doing.

The hurry up disease also sustains thoughtless behavior, which leads to regrets.

The most important thing is your happiness, which leads to health, love, good relationships, and wealth.

The solution to destressing your hurry is to practice relaxation into permanence so that you can be calm, confident, and relaxed no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Practice is the greatest form of conditioning, and we are habitual beings by way of conditioning what we practice no matter if it's anxiety, hurry up, or calmness.

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Hope that points you in the right direction, if you need it.

God bless you my dear friend, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Speak soon...