Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Destressing Procrastination

Hey, hey! How are you doing today? 

Praying you are living and loving life in the fullest way.

Destressing procrastination is what I'd like to discuss this day.

Ha, ha... I'm a poet!

Wanna hear/read something funny?

I'm writing about procrastination and I haven't written a post in nearly three weeks. I have excuses (wink).

In my book, How to Destress via Stress Test & Stress Relief, which you can get the eBook free today, December 18, 2019, by clicking here, I explain, in detail about procrastination.

It is my most humble belief that the most important thing anyone can do, in regards to procrastination, is work it out in his/her own mind.

This is very simple but not so easy.

The thingy about procrastination is, it's just a habit of putting things off, and then beating the self up afterwards.

One must encourage the self like an adult encourages a child when he or she is learning to walk.

When a person encourages another, goals are more likely to be accomplished. It's a fact! Encouraging parents help their offspring become confident and then the voice in the child's head is encouraging.

Maybe you are putting something off because you have the voice of discouragement rather than the voice of encouragement. Maybe you beat yourself up for not doing what you think you could have, should have, or would have done.

One of the most important things anyone could do, ever, is quiet the mind, create and condition a voice of encouragement, and never ever allow words of beating the self up. Maybe you can understand this, maybe you cannot, but please do not believe me, try it and find out for yourself.

As human beings we have the authority, and free agency to choose what we can and will become by intentionally choosing to condition our habits. Using this authority and free agency is our power. To say one cannot choose is giving up his or her power.

Here's what you can do, if you want to...

Begin to meditate, which will relieve the mental strain and quiet the racing unfocused mind.

Contemplate the fact that you can do it! Whatever "it" is. 

Remind yourself that you can do it by saying, "I can do this, I got this."

In addition, remind yourself that you don't have to if you really don't want to because it's not life or death, and you are the boss of you.

Just some beliefs one may create when it comes to procrastination.

After all, procrastination is just another word for beating the self up mentally for not doing something a person thinks he or she ought to do. Confident, successful people prioritize, do what they gotta do, and then move on. They call it productivity. See the difference?

One last thing, if you really want to do something, but can't get yourself to do it, commit to doing the above suggested for thirty days, and imagine, often, how it will feel when you have done "it". Imagine how good it will feel because that is really why we want to do something, because it will feel good afterwards.

Make that commitment to yourself, and just watch yourself get things done. 

Hope that helps you even just a little bit...

You can do it!

You got this!

Big Hugs my friend...

Speak soon...