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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Destressing Addiction & Binging

Hello there...

Destressing Addiction and Binging is the item of this day...

How are you doing my friend?

Hoping and praying that you're finding relief if you need too.

The number six item on the stress test is, "Do you binge on or are you addicted to certain activities, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, or any form of pharmaceutical, over the counter, or illegal drug?

In my book, How to Destress via Stress Test & Stress Relief, I discuss connecting to God when it comes to addiction. For with God all things are possible.

The thing about addiction and binging is, a person that has struggled with anything can, does, and will beat him or herself up over it.

The indulgences become a hate/love relationship. We love doing the addiction but we hate our self afterwards for doing it.

Weird, I know!

The most powerful thing anyone can do besides quit the unhealthy behavior, is to turn to God for help, which I write about in my book.

There is more...

When we turn to God, I believe, the thing we must ask for is belief in Him to help us, and our self to have the strength to overcome this particular weakness.

Addiction is something that is not easy to give up because the individual does not believe he or she can, and/or wants to. A person may have, or believe he or she may have tried everything, and so they give up trying. A person may not want to give up the addiction at all, and so they don't believe in trying.

Turning to God for faith in Him, and the self will give great power to anyone's belief. Not only great power but also evidence that God truly is real.

There's more...

Turning to God is just the beginning. One must contemplate, and work it out in his or her mind what they can, and want to do.

For example: if you want to quit drinking, think about it more often in the faithful way because what a person does is beat him or herself up for drinking, and not quitting. The contemplation would be how good it can, and will feel without a drink. 

Turning to God in faith, and contemplating success is your authority, and free agency to govern your mind in your favor.

The human experience teaches and trains us to do, do, do rather than think, think, think.

Turn to God...

Ask for faith in Him, and yourself...

Contemplate your success...

Stop beating yourself up...

And, add some meditation in the mix for quieting the insecure mind.

This is all very simple stuff, and may not be easy, but you have the authority, and the free agency to choose your thoughts and govern your mind, which can, and will lead to success.

Finally... Never, Ever, Ever Give Up!

Endure to the end, and be faithful to you!

I'm hoping and ever praying that helps, if you need it.

God bless you my dear friend...

I love you so much, because that is what I do.

I love...

Speak soon...


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