Monday, June 3, 2019

Three Most Important Things When Destressing Despair

 Hey! Hey!

Destressing Despair is what I'd like to discuss this day...

How are you doing dear one?

I am hoping and praying for you... it is true!

In my last three posts I've issued a challenge and persuasions to relieve self insecurities...

You can click and read them here...

Increasing Habits of Faith

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The Art and Skill of Confidence

If you haven't read them, or you have read them and haven't attempted the challenge, you may want to reconsider, for it may just relieve any stress you may be having, especially despair.

The three most important things, in my humble opinion, in destressing despair are...

1) Having an open mind.

2) Believe in yourself.

3) Make a commitment to you.

These three ideas are the very beginning of relieving any kind of despair because if a person does not have an open mind, believe in the self, or make any kind of commitment, he or she may not try, let alone endure anything, to change his or her current environment. The thing is, a person must try something different, if he or she wants different results. The crux is, people in despair are often unwilling to listen to much, even from experts.

Crazy, I know... I was there! I've seen people there, in that state of a closed off mind with rigid beliefs.

Insecurity closes the mind. Despair is a deep state of insecurity. That statement is not meant to be unkind to anyone, by any means. Unfortunately, insecurity is a part of despair, and fortunately there is relief.

In my younger years of suffering emotionally, I was very closed minded, unbelieving in myself, and lacking in dedication to change. But now, after my studies and helping others, I still do experiments to evolve myself further into spiritual expansion.

I'm even doing the thirty day challenge I mentioned above, and it is doing wonders for further understanding myself spiritually.

I feel very good much of the time.

We are suppose to feel good!

We are suppose to have joy.

I do know that it is up to me to feel joyful. I know this with all my heart and soul. And I want nothing more than to help others feel relief from despair. Despair can be, and was for me, the worst feeling in the world. It is a suffering that I'd never, ever, ever, ever wish on anyone, and I want nothing more than to help my brothers and sisters, in this world, find relief.

There is hope!

There is relief!

It is my most humble opinion, from evidence, education, and experiences that nearly anyone can find respite from despair if he or she is willing to have an open mind to new beliefs, believe in the self, and discover what even a little commitment to the self can do.

Something to consider eh?

Could you? Would you? Consider it for you? If you need to...

That's all... ~wink~

Big Hugs!!!

Speak soon...