Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Art And Skill of Confidence

Hey! Hey!

Confidence is the ramble this day!

How are you doing my friend?

I am hoping and praying you are getting better and better each and every day.

The reason I want to discuss confidence is because the opposite is insecurity, which is a way of describing feelings of not feeling safe, which is a way of describing stress.

Confident people make really good decisions because they come from a place of believing in themselves. Insecure people often make poor decisions because they come from a place of fear.

Some people are, and were lucky enough to have parents whom exuded confidence, and so they learned by example to be confident. Some people, may have had insecure parents, and became confident because they observed it, in other people, in their lives.

What I'm trying to say is, everyone's story is different. Although the story is different the art and skill of confidence is built the same in everyone who has it. It is built by learning, observation, and practice.

You have probably guessed by now, this is just another ploy to get you to do the thirty day challenge I offered in the post Increasing Habits of Faith. 

You see, we have emotional, mental, and physical habits, which are all created by practice. The thirty day exercise I am offering is a little experiment on evolving insecurity to confidence via mental habits of focus.

I'll tell you a little secret...

For the first twenty years of my career I worked in the Emergency Field responding to 911 calls, and overlapping some of those years, I spent another twenty years helping Emergency Personnel overcome emotional emergencies. What I have discovered in both arenas is there is respite from crisis, which is the ultimate insecurity. In addition, there is relief from day to day practiced uncertainty, which is chronic stress.

Chronic stress, and crisis can be interrupted by beliefs and behaviors of confidence, and there lies the relief.

What say you?

Are you feeling unsafe about the future much of the time?

If you are, I would do the challenge offered in the post I wrote, Increasing Habits of Faith. And you may want to read the post written right after that, Leveling Up On Faith. 

This is all about practicing the art and skill of confidence into a permanent habit by replacing the doubt, fear, and worry of what you don't want, to thinking about what you do want.

You may not be convinced that this will work for you, and that my friend is exactly what we are trying to evolve, the lack of belief in you.

Have a super duper day dear one!

ps... If you think I repeat myself much, don't mind me, just rambling along trying to help people heal through the great law of learning called repetition.

If I but help one person heal the hurt, I am doing what God wants me to do. That is how important we are to Him! We are instruments in God's hands or we are not! I will be as much as my focus allows me to.

Big Hugs!!!

Speak soon...