Wednesday, February 9, 2011


how to destress, how to destress yourself

Hey hey!  How are you?  I am absolutely fantabulous.  It is my son's 25th birthday today and we are gonna partayy!!!  (hopefully not too late, he he he, I gotta bed time c:)

Just wanted to talk a little about the stressful habit of always being in a hurry.  When I am in the city (because I live in the boonies) I notice that quite a few people are in a hurry and they act like someone is gonna die if they don't get a move on.  YIKES!

Being in a hurry is very very dangerous because horrible things happen when we are in a rush and so we can prevent a lot of mishaps by slowing down a little bit. 

I remember a few years back we were going to have a bar-b-q and my friend got a call from the hospital that his Dad was in an accident.  It was a bit scary, so I was trying to hurry and I dropped a big bag of ice on my toe and broke my toe.  I looked up into the sky and said, "thank you Lord."  I did this because at age 39, I knew, and know, that when something like that happens there is a lesson, and the Lord allows things to happen in order for us to build our faith, patience, and trust, which sometimes means slow down.

Please please please, don't wait for something to happen to you because you are in a hurry when you can create tons of prevention just by slowing down.

Just notice if you have a state of being in a hurry.  Maybe in the morning you are always in a hurry, or when you have to pick your kids up, or on the way to work.  Just notice it, and if it is so, slow your bootay down.

I know that it is not necessary to be in a hurry, it is just a habit really, especially for city folks.  It's called impatience. 

Can you please slow down?  Just wondering...

Have a great day and don't forget...

Have fun and be playful.


Speak soon...