Friday, February 11, 2011


Hey!  Hi!  Happy Friday!  I love Fridays!  Actually, I love every days!

I am so happy you are here.  You are here because you are learning to destress yourself, or just because you like me ;) 

So, did you notice if you are or when you are in a hurry?  Did you notice if it is a habit of yours?  Did you slow down?  Dang, I was totally in a hurry the next day after I wrote the post, CAN YOU PLEASE SLOW DOWN?  I was thinking to myself, if my blog readers could see me now they would definitely remind me of my own words.  I did catch myself and I did slow down, he he he.

Sooo, let's talk!

What in the heck does it mean to destress yourself?

Many of you have heard me explain this before, over and over again, and here we go again, lol.

When you destress yourself you evolve your mind, your thoughts, your behavior, your attitude, and your actions so that you live with confidence, faith, and security. 

Confidence in yourself, life, and others. 

Faith that all things are working for you and that your life is perfect as it is. 

Security knowing that anything you go through, no matter what, you can handle it.

If we listed the opposite of all these points it would look like this

Doubt in yourself, life, and others.

Fear that all things are working against you and that your life is the worst.

Worry that whatever you go through, no matter what, you cannot handle it.

All of this creates stress.  This thought process is what stress is. 

You have a choice really!  You can think thoughts of stress or you can destress yourself.

The thing is, this stressful way of thinking has been ingrained in you for however long you have been living.

Learn how to destress yourself by choosing the way of confidence, faith, and security.  You don't have to have doubt, fear, or worry.  They are just thoughts you know?

Learning to destress yourself is so important because it will create happiness, energy, and vitality for you.

Learning to destress yourself is so important because it will eliminate unhealthy emotional, mental, and physical conditions.

But PLEASE, don't believe me, find out for yourself.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to have fun and be playful.

Speak soon...