Monday, February 14, 2011


Good Monday Mornin!!! 


Are you ready for your week?  Are you a little stressed?  I got an email the other day asking for a good destress exercise for work or the office. 

The ultimate exercise to destress yourself is to learn how to meditate which means to quiet your mind.  Once you learn to quiet your mind, you can listen to your thoughts, and when you listen to your thoughts, you can learn what kind of conversation is in your head that is causing your stress.  As soon as you listen and learn the stressful conversation, you can learn to be stress free.

This is very simple, but not an easy process without dedication.  An easier process is to learn to meditate.  When you learn and practice meditation, with just a deep breath, you can learn to relax anytime and anywhere.  This means at work, in the office, at home, or at school.

Think about it!  If you need to destress yourself you have some stress which is very similar to anxiety.  What would be the opposite of stress, or anxiety?  It would be to relax. 

When you learn to meditate you know what it is to relax your mind and body.

Learning deep relaxation is brilliant because it teaches you to relax and you can bring yourself to the relaxation point even in the middle of a crisis.

Nearly every day I speak to someone in the Emergency Field who is dealing with some form of reaction to a Critical Incident.  These individuals witness death, dying, and destruction very frequently.  The average person does not see the things they do in a life time.

One of the greatest things Emergency Workers do for themselves is learn to practice meditation and deep relaxation.  These practices bring them out of serious stressful situations that their minds impress upon them. 

If you want to learn a good destress exercise, try deep relaxation.

But please, don't believe me, try it yourself and just watch the process of destressing yourself, any time and anywhere.  Give yourself a chance, check out the meditation video, you will experience the destress exercise you will need.

Have the best week!!!

And don't forget to have fun and be playful!

Speak soon...