Saturday, October 19, 2019

Destressing Anger

Hey, Hey!

Destressing anger is what I'd like to discuss this day.

How are you doing? I am praying that you are alright my dear friend.

I had a dream, my all wise Grandpa came to me (he passed when I was 15 years old), hugged me, kissed me on the forehead, and said, "You're doing really, really, really good, and I'm proud of you. Keep blogging because there is one individual who is eager to read your words. You are helping someone who really needs it."

And that was it! That was my dream. It made me cry because I love and miss my Grandpa, always.

What do you think about that dream? I'm a dreamer, and it is not unusual for me to have this type of dream. I'd venture to say, many of you experience the same.

Anyway, I'm gonna keep blogging my words of destress because my Grandpa said so, and if I am helping one person, that is important to me. I know, with all my heart and soul that we all are, I am, very important to God, our Heavenly Father, and because I love Him, what's important to Him is important to me.

I digress...

Just thought I'd share though...

Back to destressing anger, which is the third item on the stress test, in my how to destress eBook.

I recently read this chapter in my eBook, How to Destress via Stress Test & Stress Relief, which is offered free again by Amazon today, October 19, 2019. You can get it by clicking here.

I gotta tell you, as I read it, I decided that it is my favorite chapter in my book because the first half of my life I was probably the most angry person I had ever met. Now, I am the least angry person I know. It is amazing to me because as I read the chapter, I felt really good that I have come such a long way.

Helping others overcome their anger is so very important to me because I know the misery and suffering that anger, moodiness, and irritability gives. In my youth, I would have never believed I could, or would overcome my anger issues. 

Now, I would like to convince people that anger, moodiness, and irritability can be relieved. It's important for the individual to believe this because this negative emotion truly hurts the self the most.

When I think of anger, the first thing I think of is the person believes he or she is not going to be okay. That feeling of not okayness is insecurity, which can be relieved.

The other thing I think of with anger is, it is a place of competition, i.e., you against me, which I believe is the most common cause of divorce. The opposite of competition is cooperation. The cooperation I am talking about is cooperation with the self. Cooperation with the self is learning to work things out in the mind for understanding rather than reacting with the habit of anger.

Are you angry, irritable, and/or moody?

Is this negative emotion out of control, and out of proportion to the situation? 

Are you reacting like someone is going to die, when it's just that you are not getting your way?

These are tough questions but, very important questions for self-help and relieving despair in life.

If you answered yes to the questions above, start here...

Contemplate the truth that anger truly is unnecessary.

Further, contemplate the truth that maybe the insecurity that you are feeling from this negative emotion has become a habit, and you can get better at escaping this habit.

Releasing and relieving anger is for you...

For bettering your life...

This is enhancing life for your family and friends too...

What am I talking about? I'm talking about releasing anger so that peace and serenity may be cultivated by practicing these states of being into permanence.

I'm talking about your authority to consciously choose your habits of reacting with being calm for you and your life rather than being bitter. Let's face it, anger is bitterness.

Remember, what ever we practice, we practice by default or desire, and we practice it into permanent habit. It is the law of human behavior. We are focusing mechanisms, and we are habitual beings.

We can use our focus and habits to work in our favor. 

What do you say?

If you are having a hard time with anger just contemplate what I have discussed thus far, and see if it does not relieve the suffering just a little bit. That is where the healing begins, in the knowledge to destress your emotional strain.

If you believe you have to get angry, that's alright, you are not really at a place where you are willing to release your anger. The only thing I would ask you at this time is, is it more important to be right or is it more important to be happy and healthy?

If you believe you have to get angry, it is my humble opinion that you are hanging on to needing to be right. That needing to be right is a huge part of insecurity. I do not mean to be unkind, what I mean to do is provoke contemplation and thought about the unwillingness to let go of anger.

Anger is not who we are.

Anger is a negative emotion we acquired, and somewhere along the way, we decided it was okay to be angry.

There are many people out there rarely getting angry, if ever.

Let me be proof to you that an angry person can become an easy going, never angry person, it just takes recognition, and practice.

I remember when I first discovered that anger wasn't necessary, and there were amazing people around me that never got angry. I was about thirty years old. 

Releasing and relieving my anger was not easy, and it didn't happen over night. Believe me, it took years but I got better and better at it because it was important for my happiness, my health, my family, and my friends.

What I know, and see now is everyone gets better at life, or they get more bitter because of what they allow to happen. It is our authority to consciously choose, and some do and some don't. It is up to the individual and how important happiness and health is to him or her.

The human experience conditions us to believe that we can't control ourselves so we try to control others. The only thing we can control is ourselves, and to believe we can control others to ease our anger can, and possibly will be oh so very disappointing and lonely.

That's all I got...

Praying for your relief, and for your willingness to release your anger if you need to.

God loves you my dear friend, and I do too.

Speak soon...