Monday, December 10, 2018

Destressing Mondays

How to Destress Your Monday is what I wanna talk about today...

Hello there. How are you? Today is Monday, and for some a very stressful day because of bosses, coworkers, a heavy workload, or no work at all.

Before I talk about Destressing Your Monday, Monday (in my singing voice), I wanna remind you that what we drink, eat, and think, especially over the weekend can bless or burden our Monday. What I mean by that is, if you exercise, eat right, and have faith all the day long, and everyday, you will have plenty of energy on Monday. How do I know? Because of personal experience, and serious scientific evidence. But you know what I am saying, don't you?

I am also saying, if you drink tons of alcohol, or caffeinated sugary crud you are going to feel like mud. If you eat crappy, you are going to feel crappy. Finally, if you have thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry, which all creates stress, you are going to be depleted of all energy.

With that said, it takes energy to handle stress, and if you are in a stressful career, job, or environment on your Mondays, it is very important to take care of you, on your weekends.

Now, two great ways to destress your Monday are practicing awareness, and relaxation.

Why are practicing awareness, and relaxation great ways to destress yourself on Monday? That is an excellent question. Practicing awareness, and relaxation are great; wait, scratch that, are excellent ways to destress because when you are fully aware, and relaxed, you are the opposite of stressed.

Every morning before I do much, I sit upright, relaxed, take a deep breath through my nose, exhale through my mouth, and just relax my entire being into the moment. I literally go into my heart beat. I have been doing this for, oh say, nineteen years, and it gives me the skill of knowing how to be confident and relaxed at any time and any where.

Practice makes perfect, I always say. Now, I can go into awareness, and relaxation at any time I choose, and so can you. If you do this, and practice it often, you will know the meaning of fully present in faith. This is Ninja Mind stuff, you know?

You wanna be a Ninja? Half of it is being quiet in the mind, fully aware, and relaxed. I say that stuffola because I think I am Ninja. Ha Ha Ha, no really, I do think I'm Ninja.

If you do not find it easy to be aware and relaxed on your own, sit quietly, with your eyes closed, listening to this video, and focus on the sounds. Doing this is another way of practicing awareness and relaxation.

Well, God bless you, and I hope I have helped you Destress Your Monday. 

Have a great Monday, a great week, and a great month. Love you so much, my friend...

Speak soon...

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