Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Merry Christmas my friend!

How are you doing this holiday season? It is my prayer that you are doing really, really, really great!

As I am writing this I'm sitting up in bed at my parents' house. It's 0940 and everyone is still asleep. I've been up for hours though. I don't sleep much because I do not require a lot of sleep. It seems as though I have a lot of energy these days because I have a lot of love. It is my experience that love multiplies energy.

That proclamation may sound silly but if you really think about it, negative emotions and energy can and will drain anyone, and when a person is in love he or she is full of energy. It's a fact.

The reason I have so much love is because of my focus. I have discovered, in my fifty-four years of living that I have the authority, power, and responsibility for the focus in my life. Focus truly is a vital key to success.

As human beings we have exquisite focus. The focus any individual has may be by default or desire.

Sometimes we have a hard time in life, or a devastating event, and that may lead to exquisite focus on what is wrong in our life, and the world, which causes fear. This focus is very much human nature and it is by default.

When we focus by desire, we focus on what we do want on a minute to minute, and day by day basis.

This is really helpful to know when setting goals and/or New Years Resolutions.

The reason I am rambling about this is because focusing by default can, and will cause distress. Focusing on desired outcomes can, and will relieve stress because it points our thoughts of fear towards faith.

Fear and stress are so draining, and exhausting. Faith is energizing, and inspiring!

Did you know that fear is the foundation of the stress response?

I have a prayer in my heart that if you want to relieve your stress you will focus on what you want, and not what is going wrong, so that you may have more energy and joy.

This is a perfect post for New Years Resolutions.

In the past, I use to have resolutions with tangible goals but now I just have resolutions to learn more, listen more, and love more. These goals are my focus by desire and they give me more energy, and make me happier. Energy and happiness are my real goals, and oh what a beautiful life these goals give me.

I am rambling! LOL

That's all I got! A prayer for you... Focus by Desire so that you can, and will Destress Yourself.

God bless you my friend!

Enjoy your Holidays!

Take care...