Friday, December 28, 2018

Is There Permanent Stress Relief?

Hey there! How are you doing today? I'm praying you are alright.

Have you made any New Year Resolutions? Mine are the same as my everyday wish, learn, listen, and love more. It's just a practice I want to make permanent and perfect.

I get so much out of life when I learn, listen, and love.

It is my humble opinion that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and the purpose of life is for us to expand spiritually. Expanding spiritually connects us to God, and guides us to our individual, specific, purpose in life.

There are three stages of our human life, according to my theory, and they are:

Innocence: pure loving beings wanting nothing more than to eat, learn, listen, love, play, and sleep.

Adolescence: in a place of competition with the world complaining, conditional loving, controlling, criticizing, dramatizing, and gossiping, which leads to insecurity (another word for stress because stress is provoked by fear, and insecurity is feeling unsafe/fearful).

Enlightenment: connected to and cooperating with God, faithful and fearless, knowing your value and worth, residing in a place of unconditional love, and understanding all things are for our spiritual expansion.

I'm confident that many of you may disagree with me but I'll expand more as 2019 moves along. If you are patient with me you just may develop a wisdom for permanent stress relief. Not just permanent stress relief but a pure calm, confidence, and certainty for your life. What do you think about that?

What is important to you? Have you decided what's important and thought about practicing "that" into permanence, which will become perfected sooner than later. 

The true science to human behavior is practice makes habits, and habitual behavior can, and will make you nearly perfect at that practice.

Have you been practicing anger, anxiety, depression, or even worry? If so you may be perfect at it.

If you want to relieve any of these habits you could practice appreciation, calmness, fun, or trust. 

It's all about the focus and practice. I wrote about focus on my last post, Merry Christmas! Check it out!

I just wanted to write about some things you may want to consider in making your New Year Resolutions.

Happy New Year my friend! 

Happy Abundant Prosperous New Year!

God bless...

Take care...