Thursday, November 29, 2012


Helloooh!  Day 29 ;0) (sayin' it with severe enthusiasm)

Here we go, gettin' into the deep Holiday Month.  December is the Deep Holiday Month.  So, so, so much to do, eh?

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Have you read my post 'How to Destress Your Holidays'?

You might wanna check that out, and let me know what you think.

Okay, so I was thinking about stress and friends.  Some friends sho do cause a lot of stress, don't they?

In the past, oh I would say, two years I have four ex-friends, who use to be life long friends.  It's okay though because they were super duper dysfunctional.  Now, don't get me wrong, I fall into that category as well, so the dysfunctional can call each other dysfunctional. LOL

It has been a struggle losing people I truly love but, isn't it a struggle to hang onto people who cause you heartache?  My struggle has been to love people unconditionally, and I have this discussion with my son, quite often.  He believes if a friend does you wrong (sometimes in the slightest way) you just cut them loose.

I agree, and I disagree.  I agree that when the relationship gets to a point of causing you heartache more than it causes you joy, you can distance yourself.  I disagree in that we must be forgiving, and give unconditional love because we are all imperfect.

What I have learned is, I can love unconditionally from a distance.  

So, that is how I handle stress with friends, and family sometimes.  I love unconditionally from a distance.  

You know, these friends that I have become to love from a distance were just going another way than I was, and that is okay.

What I am trying to say about stress and friends is, if he/she/they are causing you heartache, or any kind of negative emotion, they are adding to your stress, and it is okay to love them from a distance.  What I mean by distance is less time with them, and/or eliminating situations with them that are stressful, and/or letting them go.

I let my friends go, it was disheartening, but it is okay.  It is okay to be sad about letting friends go, it is totally normal.  It is okay to be without people who cause you grief more than joy.

People treat us as good, or as bad, as we allow them to.

Get my meanin' Vern?

Just some thoughts to destress yourself, especially around the holidays.

Have a great day...

Elizabeth Stanfill

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