Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello there... Day 28 ;0)

How are you?  I hope you are fantastico!

You know, I have a whole lotta readers of my lil ole blog, and I get emails that are a combination of compliments, criticisms, and answer searching.  

I love, love, love, every single email I get because it tells me that people are stressed, they read my blog, and they care enough to communicate with me.  I get to communicate with people all over the world. 

Compliments or criticism, it doesn't matter to me, I appreciate them both.  Although, my favorite is the answer searching because it gives me an opportunity to serve, to help someone who wants more, or something better.  Oh ya, I do get those emails from people with stress websites who want me to promote their stuff, but that is a whole nother post ;0)

Compliments are awesome because I get to hear what I am doing right, and what I have done to help others.  Criticisms are awesome too because I have an opportunity to find out what may be improved.

Usually when I am criticized it is because of concern, which is cool, but sometimes I am criticized for speaking about God, and that even makes some people angry.

Ya, about that!  You know, I have seen some serious shizzz in my life, death, devastation, and seriously questionable things that make you go hmmm... with pain and despair in that hmmm.

I have seen things that made me ask the questions, "God how could this happen?"  and "God are you really there?"  So when I searched for the answers to those questions I found God, and His love for me.  I found faith in His plan, and that if I have faith in the process of life, knowing that He will always take care of me, and that He is, and has always been, there for me, life is truly pretty darn easy.

I have learned to focus on what is good, and not what is bad.  It is just as easy to do either one, if we but know it.  When I focus on God (good), life is great.  So, I do not focus on the bad, because life becomes not so great.

What I am saying here, I suppose is, I love your emails, and I am grateful for you.  In addition, I will continue to talk about God because I know with all my heart and soul that, that is the way out of deep despair, and that is the way out of any critical stress you may have.

Have a lovely day lovely...

Big Hugs, and I lovey you!

Elizabeth Stanfill

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