Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hey!  Hi!  How are you?  Are you stressed?  I am!

I cannot believe what I just saw.  There is this video clip of a Dr. of Psychology telling people that there is no such thing as stress, that the stress is caused by YOUR reactions.

Dang it!!!  I use to say that all the time, like a few weeks ago.  IT'S A LIE!!!

There are some seriously stressful situations.  That's right!  I was wrong and I am changing my thoughts and theory about stress. 

Recently, I have talked to people who are seriously stressed out and some of them are freaking out because of their situation.  These particular situations are legitimately stressful.  Losing a loved one, like a child or a spouse, that is stressful.  Losing your job, home, and car, that is stressful.  Losing the feelings and use of your legs and arms, that is stressful.

Holy shizzz!!!

After watching that video I said to myself, "How could that Dr. go around telling people that their thoughts cause their stress?"  In some situations, it is true that our thoughts and reactions cause our stress, like the habits on the stress test.  But, when it comes to devastating situations, it is the circumstances that provokes the stress.  I REALLY BELIEVE THAT!

What I am saying is that there are legitimately stressful situations. 

Do you remember the D's?  Death, destruction, devastation, dismemberment, divorce, and dying. 

If you experience any of these D's, I think it is absolutely normal to experience severe stress, and even critical stress.  There is no doubt about it!  These are stressful situations. 

As I think about the people I have helped through their stress, I have realized that when it comes to everyday situations like work, relationships, school, family, and finances we do create our stress by our reactions, by our habitual way of thinking.  Especially if it is full of doubt, fear, and worry.

AND!!!  This is the big AND ;), I realize that some situations, like the D's, certainly can, and will, provoke our stress.

I gotta be honest with you, I am going through a shizola load of devastation right now.  The reason I don't share is because I am not ready to talk about it.  Me!  The destress Queen!  HA!

Maybe I do handle stress better than most, maybe I don't ;), I still have my stress.  How am I handling it?  Some moments, very well, and other moments I cry my eyes out.

But, this is what I know, and these are the beliefs that are helping me...

1.  I have a deep down conviction, deep deep in my heart and soul, that God is taking care of me every minute of every hour, and every hour of everyday.

2.  With every adversity comes an equal and opposite opportunity.

3.  When we have adversity, it is only a blessing if we look for the lesson in it, carry our faith through the adversity, and know, really believe, that every thing is going to be fine, because it always is.

4.  I must discover what I am going to do next by establishing what I want, setting goals, and just make consistent moves towards those goals.

5.  God is allowing adversity, and stress, because in order to be a destress specialist, I gotta know what the heck people are going through ;)

6.  Although, I want to curl up into a ball in my bed some days, I have to move forward.  I have to be diligent on making something happen for the good of me.

7.  Adversity can be a way God gets us to grow spiritually, move in another direction spiritually, and get closer to Him, if we carry faith.

8.  When I am under stress, I have to take care of myself because I could get sick and if I don't take care of myself, I can't take care of anyone else. 

9.  I can still enjoy this minute, the place I am at, the person I am with, and right here, right now.  Taking it not day by day but moment by moment.


So any who...  I made a comment on this video to the Dr. chastising him for daring to say such things and what I should really do is reprimand myself.  Please believe me, I have seen the error of my ways ;)


That's all I got...

Have a great day!  Don't forget to have fun and be playful ;)