Monday, August 22, 2011


Hey there ;)  How are you?  I am very well, thank you ;)

You will never believe this!  Well, maybe you will but I was shocked!  Since posting the STRESS SURVEY, last week, I have received over 60 emails. 

So, I just wanted to say thank you for all the emails and because there are so many I won't be answering them individually but I will answer them via posts.

Most of the emails are asking questions like why is this habit particularly stressful?  Or what do I do to eliminate this habit if I have it?  The emails are asking for answers to questions.

I am grateful for the emails and I truly appreciate that stress levels are high therefore, starting with my next post I will discuss each item on the STRESS SURVEY

Sound good?  I think it sounds great and totally fair because I do not believe I could answer all the emails within a couple of days but I can give the who, what, why, and when about the stressful habits on the STRESS SURVEY, including solutions.  I'm gonna boss you around ;)  Gonna put on my bossie boots and boss you around ;) te he he...

Thanks again for all the emails and please look for the posts.

Until next post, don't forget...  HAVE FUN!!!  BE PLAYFUL!!!

Hugs ;)

Elizabeth Stanfill