Sunday, August 30, 2020

Would You Meditate for a $Million$

Hey hey! How are you doing today?

I hope and pray you're calm, confident, and chilling out, it's what destressing is all about.

Got a question for you! Would you meditate for one million dollars?

If I told you I'd give you one million dollars, if you meditated for one year, would you do it?

What if you had to set aside the same time every day for thirty minutes and just quiet your mind, focus on your breath, and heartbeat. Would you do it for one million dollars?

I’d bet you'd do it. If it only takes thirty minutes out of your day, and you just have to sit there listening to your breath, and feeling your heart beat, anyone would probably do it. How hard could it be for a mere million?

I’m pretty sure that if I offered that to anybody they would do it.

Why would they do it? They would do it because they believe that a million dollars would make them happy. 

Everyone is searching for happiness.

Why do you suppose people are searching for happiness? Is it because misery is so draining and unwanted?

It is my humble opinion that we want happiness because it relieves misery. It is also my humble opinion that we want happiness because it brings an inner peace.

What if you cared about yourself, believed in yourself, and you loved yourself enough to meditate for thirty minutes at the same time every day to bring you inner peace?

There are two reasons, I believe, most recently, I am living a life with inner peace. 

The first reason is my desire to know God, and my faith in God. That desire and faith brings me to my knees every morning, when I wake up, and every evening before I retire for sleep. That faith has guided me to read my scriptures, and to learn about God, Christ, and life.

The second reason is my faithfulness to God has brought me to meditate. This meditation, which I’ve been doing for twenty one years, has brought calm, confidence, a quiet mind, and a relaxed body. This meditation has allowed me to discern, and observe my behaviors and beliefs, and leads me to my connection to God. This connection gives me magnificent cooperation with life, and with others.

This connection to, and cooperation with God brings me to a place of being the person I had no idea I could ever be. This person, that I am today, is the exact opposite of what I was the first part of my life. I was angry, anxious, depressed, and wallowing in despair.

The opposite of what I was, is the fruit of the spirit. I am not perfect but, I practice what I believe, trying to make better habits into permanent behaviors.

If I could see the world through God’s understanding, I could and would see everyone with compassion and love, all of the time. This understanding leads to knowing we are all imperfect, and on our own unique individual path. I believe in this compassion and love, with all my heart, and my desire is to behave like I believe it.

My old desires were to change the world. My new desires are to change my world, which is between God and me. With this new me, the spiritual me, I am able to lift and love the environment in which I stand, the people I am with, and me.

This is worth more to me than one million dollars a year.

Are you opposed to meditation?

If so...

Would you allow me to persuade you to meditate?

Do you believe in yourself, and that you are capable of meditating

Do you want to increase your faith in and connection to God, and lift yourself more? 


Meditation is probably one of the most valuable habits a person can develop for an increase in life. 

Besides connecting to God, and creating a habit of inner peace, meditation can, and will replace the human habit of hurry and worry?

Meditation is essential for self control.

The self control I am talking about is calm, confident, cooperative, and thoughtful behavior. Self control is part of the fruit of the spirit.

The opposite of self control is lack of impulse control. 

Lack of control over the mind, leads to anger, anxiety, depression, despair, hurry and worry. 

A quiet mind is a controlled mind, and leads to governed emotions. 

Lack of control over the physical senses, leads to addictions like alcohol, food, and inappropriate, and unhealthy conduct.

Meditation is all about destressing yourself from the troublesome human conditioning into the peaceful spiritual nature. This harmonious spiritual nature I am talking about, is who we really are.

Through meditation we can discover who we truly are and, what power we precisely possess.

Have I convinced you about meditation?

Have I talked you into an assignment, and/or a recommitment?

Our new assignment, our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to pick a time, the same time every day, to sit and relax the body and mind, for five minutes. The only thing we have to do is focus on the breath going in and out of the lungs, and feel the heart beat.

Focusing on the breath and beat of the heart, is life. Therefore, we are focusing on life. Pretty cool eh?

This assignment is not for four days though.

This assignment is meant to begin at five minutes for four days.

Then to ten minutes for the next four days.

Then fifteen minutes for the next four days.

Then twenty minutes for the next four days.

Then twenty five minutes for the next four days.

Finally, thirty minutes, everyday, at the same time, and for the rest of your life.

Can you see how this will enhance your life as you get older?

Can you see how a still mind connects you to God, governs your behaviors, and allows more, of being the person you ultimately desire to be?

Whatever we practice we can make permanent, and eventually become perfect at. It is a science! Practice makes permanent habits. 

This is living by desire.

I've always known that God is real.

I attended church every Sunday, read my scriptures everyday, and continue to pray all day. 

I endeavor to talk and walk with God. 

I'm learning.

I'm listening more.

I love more than I ever thought possible.

This learning, listening, and loving has given me great understanding.

I am but an infant, maybe a toddler, in comprehending spiritual things.

Just a meditating girl, learning spiritual things, in a human world.

The best part for me, is the guidance, and inspiration I receive by being still on a regular basis.

This guidance and inspiration comes from a calm, confidence, and a relaxed body and mind. This gives me feelings and thoughts of safety and security in most circumstances. This is absolutely miraculous because I use to be the opposite.

If I can quiet my mind, and relax my body, on a regular basis, for years, anyone can. 

Trust me on this one!

It is so worth the spiritual expansion.

I believe in myself.

I believe in you.

I know that I am love.

And I know you are too.

If you do not believe and know this for you, and want to, please accept the mission.

God bless you my dear sweet reader. I know you are there. God guides me and inspires me to write these words for you. I believe, with all my heart and soul this is true.

Enjoy your week...

And your new commitment...

Or recommitment if you already meditate.

Big Hugs...