Monday, July 25, 2016

Are You In Crisis Mode?

Crisis mode is what I wanna discuss this day.

Hello there my beautiful friend. How are you? It is my prayer that you are enjoying every minute of your life but if you are not, then this post just may help you.

What is a crisis?

A crisis is when an individual is experiencing a serious situation, possibly an emergency of some sort.

A crisis can be when a catastrophe or disaster has or may hit.

What is crisis mode?

It is an emotional, mental, and/or physical reaction to a presented crisis. It feels like anxiety and stress.

Are you experiencing a crisis? A catastrophic event? A major disaster?

If you are, please let me speak some words to you with a prayer in my heart that maybe I can bring you from crisis to calm right at this moment.

First, you are very very very important to those around you, and you are very loved. Some people do not believe it but it's true. The individuals in our lives love us. Sometimes it seems like they may not but, I think, everyone shows their love the best they know how.

Second, please do not go through this crisis alone. Please, please, please choose at least one person you trust to share your story so they may listen to you and support you. If you do not believe this person exists, and you do not believe anyone is there for you then, if I were you, I would drop down on my knees, pour my heart and soul out to God, and ask Him to help. 

If you, do not believe in God, for whatever reason, here is your chance to receive proof that He is real.

I have struggled with the pains of crisis and the deepest moments of despair. Every time I have turned to God, from my knees, He has comforted me. This is how I know deep down in my soul that God is real.

If you are truly alone, this is the perfect time to test your theory about God, and just watch the comfort and strength come.

God never ever promised this life would be easy but He did and does, promises that He will comfort you when you turn to Him.

Third, you are going to get through this! You are a powerful person, and you quite possibly have been through worse than this and made it. Keep encouraging yourself with the words, "I'm going to get through this, and everything is going to work out because it always does!"

So often we look to others to encourage us when we can do it for ourselves. 

You got this!

You can do this!

You can handle this!

You are a powerful warrior!

You are a child of the highest God, and He has your back!

Fourth, you are never alone! If you think you are alone, you are wrong. There are unseen forces beyond the veil of life and death. You have guardian angels, people who have left this life, who are watching out for and over you.

I know, I know, I sound cray crazy but! But!!! It is true... That is all I can tell you.

Fifth, and finally, you are safe right now. Your mind may tell you otherwise but if you are able to sit and read this blog post, I will venture to say you are safe at this moment.

Sometimes our minds might trick us into crisis mode because of panic about fear of what the future holds. Our minds have the ability to freak us out as though we are in an emergency state when we aren't.

Now if your neighborhood is on fire, or there is a madman with a machete in the house, then you are definitely in the middle of a crisis. Otherwise, if there is not an immediate impending doom then you are alright at this moment, right?

Could it be possible that you are living in a state of fear when in reality you are alright?

Could it be possible that you are practicing anger, anxiety, depression, doubt, fear, or worry and you are getting really really good at it with great momentum?

If so, consider practicing knowing that you will be alright.

I know that you will be alright. I don't even know you, and I know you will be alright.

How do I know this? Because life is full of stuff that we love and don't love, and no matter what we always manage to make it. It all depends on how we are looking at things that determines if we make it through with difficulty or ease.

I have no idea what you may be going through but I do know that you are going to make it through it. If you could consider other times of crisis you can know you made it through.

Have faith my friend!

Hope for better things and better times!

Be kind to yourself, and believe in you!

You are so very important!

Do not go through this alone!

You are going to get through this!

You are never alone!

You are safe right now!

Believe me when I say, you are getting better and better at knowing all of these statements I have just proclaimed! I know that this is so because that is what life is all about.

God bless you, my friend!

I love you...

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