Friday, July 22, 2016

Destressing Alcohol Addiction

Destressing Alcohol Addiction is what I would like to discuss this day.

Hello there my friend. How are you? I pray that you are happy, healthy, and feeling love in your life.

In my last post, I wrote about Destressing Addiction, and I received a couple emails about alcohol addiction so I decided I would talk about that today.

First of all, I want to define alcoholism. If you have been reading my blog for a while you must know I have my own definitions for words like alcoholism and addiction. There are definitions for the word alcoholic by professionals who research, study and write about it but I'm gonna give you my definition.

Okay, so an alcoholic is someone who is unable to stop their drinking. It could be on a daily basis where the person just has to have a drink every day or on an occasional basis where the person can't stop drinking on that occasion. Does that make sense?

If a person has their mind on alcohol throughout the day and is thinking they can't wait until they have a drink, he or she is an alcoholic.

If a person is drinking at any time, and they can't stop, he or she is an alcoholic. For example, if someone is out to dinner, or at a special occasion like a wedding or party, and he or she is drinking and keeps drinking without the ability to stop, he or she is an alcoholic.

In my last post on destressing addiction, I explained that an addiction is something we cannot quit.

So, if you are an alcoholic, how do you destress your addiction?

The most important thing is awareness. What do I mean by awareness? 

Awareness is knowing the truth rather than defending one's behavior. 

Let's say you have a story in your mind about why you must drink. This story may be that alcohol helps you relax, or makes you feel better. These stories may be true in a way but, if you really seek the truth then you are able to see that addiction to alcohol makes things worse, not better.

If alcohol helps a person relax and feel better how does it make things worse? It's instant gratification versus long-term satisfaction. Alcohol causes long-term dissatisfaction.

In my nearly fifty-two years of living, I have known my share of alcoholics, and they, and the people that are around them, are truly miserable individuals. 

In my nearly fifty-two years of living, I have learned that alcohol only hurts, and never helps with the exception of instant gratification of numbing, and momentary relaxation.

Knowing this truth about alcohol is awareness. Nearly everyone I have dealt with knows this and yet those who drink continue to drink because addiction is real.

Awareness is also knowing that habitual thoughts can heal or hurt the self.

When an individual thinks thoughts like, "I can't wait to have a drink," or, "I need a drink," or, "I have to have a drink," they are living with habitual repetitive thoughts that are hurtful mantras.

If we are aware of these thoughts, we are able to turn them around with healing intentional mantras like, "I don't need a drink today," "I don't need a drink," or, "I don't have to have a drink today."

This may be so very simple to you that you may be thinking, "That shit ain't gonna work." But guess what? It will work! If you are an alcoholic that can't go a day without drinking, and if you do this, you will find days you will go without drinking.

No shit! Seriously! Sorry about the cuss words but I just want to deliver emphasis.

I want to provide emphasis because NOTHING, NOT ONE THING, good comes from drinking alcohol. Matter of fact, I believe there are more direct and indirect deaths caused by alcohol than smoking causes cancer.

Not only does alcohol cause death, but it also causes destruction of peoples' lives and property. It causes devastation of lives, and it causes divorce, which is very specific devastation of MANY lives.

Awareness is the key to destressing alcohol addiction!

If you are an alcoholic, begin destressing yourself with awareness, healthy intentional mantras, and watch yourself drink a little less. Drinking a little less is so very powerful because it will show you that you can, and will, not only slow the process of drinking but, eventually quit the drinking.

One last thing...

In the early stages of alcoholism, many people believe that everything is hunky dory because they have not lost anything yet. Is that you? If it is, let me ask you this...

Are you in the constant state of going nowhere? In other words, are you in the same place you were last year, two years ago, three years ago, or five years ago?

Better yet, are you in a worse place than you were in last year, two years ago, or five years ago?

If the answer is yes, and you are a drinker, I would urge you to consider destressing your alcohol addiction with awareness, healthy intentional mantras, and the beginnings of watching yourself drink a little less.

In my nearly fifty-two years of living, I can tell you this... I have meditated for over sixteen years, and I have overcome nearly every hurtful addiction through my awareness of my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Yes! Even alcoholism. 

Life is supposed to get better and better!
Life is supposed to be fun!

Life is supposed to be joy!

I believe with all my heart and soul that life can, and will, get better and better, be more fun, and have more joy for anyone who develops the art of meditation as a regular exercise in their life.

And that is why I want to teach the world to meditate. But first, I have to convince them to.

I hope I have convinced you, and/or you'd love to learn how to practice awareness and meditation.

That's all I got!

If you are a drinker, I hope and pray I have touched your desire to destress your alcohol addiction.

I love you... You know I do!

God bless you, my friend...

Speak soon!