Sunday, March 20, 2016


Hello my friend! How are you? I really want to know! Are you alright? It is my prayer, in my heart that you are.

Self-love is what I would like to ramble about this day. 

Did you read my last post... Love is For Giving? If you did you know that my frequent
contemplation's are about love, which is the ultimate antidote to stress.

Before I ramble on about self-love, let me begin with self-hate because I do believe it will define it all in a better way.

Back in the day, when I first began blogging I had time to work with people one on one. This was not therapy but more of a one session education on stress relief, aka destressing yourself.

There was this gentleman who sought me out because he was absolutely miserable. We spoke on the phone and he went on and on about how horrible his life was. He was very critical of himself and others, and he was very discouraged about his future.

The obstacle to his happiness was self-hate. He had no faith, hope, or kindness towards himself or others. We can only give what we have. He was giving criticism and discouragement to himself, and others because that is all he had.

The discovery of his focus on criticism and discouragement opened his mind to the doorway of self-love. This literally changed his life. This literally can change anybody's life.

What happened was, he became so negative because of a devastation he had experienced in recent months. Anybody can, and will experience a devastation and quite possibly, unknowingly create a doom and gloom attitude, which is equivalent to self-hate.

Self-hate is an unkindness to the self and is displayed through being unkind to others. Therefore, self-love is shown through kindness to others, and ultimately to the self.

The remedy to this unpleasantness is really a choice on what one focuses on. Basically, it is a person's choosing the mood of the mind. If your predominant mood is negative, chances are you carry self-hate, and if your mood is predominantly positive, you carry self-love.

It's all about our power to select.

We can either choose to be positive or negative, kinder or unkind, happy or unhappy, and joyful or miserable. These are the choices for deciding if we want to live in a space of self-love or self-hate.

This individual I spoke of at the beginning of this post was, and still is a very powerful man. But now, he is even more powerful because he has literally learned to love himself by being kinder through his thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

It takes practice to change your focus, especially if you have experienced a devastation.

Now, this gentleman is healed, and I believe this with all my heart and soul. He has been healed through self-love. It certainly didn't happen over night, it took some practice but, this practice, when remembered, can heal anyone no matter what one experiences.

This is what I really want to say...

If you are in a place of criticizing and discouraging others, it just means that the mood of your mind is doom and gloom, which is very stressful and a bit on the hateful side I might add (okay a lot on the hateful side, I was just trying to be nice).

This is what I really want you to hear...

Life can be so very lovely, full of love, and full of self-love if you but make a choice to focus on complimenting, encouraging, and being kinder to others, as well as yourself. Not only will this help destress yourself, you will increase your happiness, energy, joy, and vitality for life.

Your thoughts really do matter, and you have an option to choose those thoughts.

That's my ramble on self-love!

I love you... You know I do...

Speak soon...