Thursday, March 6, 2014

How To Destress Your Life With Faith In Others

How to destress your life with faith in others is what I wanna ramble about this day.

Hello, my friend. How are you? I hope you are fantastic.

Did you read my last post, "How to destress your life with faith?"

If so, did you think about the absolute best future in the world for you?

Did you take time to quiet your mind?

Did you notice your fearful thoughts?

Did you create mantras/reminders that you are a child of God with a spirit and that you can do all things with God?  If not, get to gettin'!

You are the most important person in your life, and you are the only one who can make or break your life. Therefore, make your life by doing a few things for yourself, okee dokey?

Now that we addressed that, let's get back to faith in others...

Do you worry about anybody, say like one of your kids, or your parents, or your significant other?

Do you have to control what other people do, say like tell people what to do because if you do, it will turn out better?

Do you distrust anyone around you, say your neighbor, a coworker, a relative, or a friend?

If you answered yes to any one of the questions above, you got a little fear goin' on.

You may be thinking, "doesn't everybody say yes to all of those questions?"  Or, you may be thinking, "everybody says yes to those questions!"

This may be true, and chances are most do all three of the above either once in a while or all the time.

What if you were to overcome worry, wanting to control others, and distrust?  If you did, you would be amazing!  Not only would you be amazing, but you would also be brilliant!  Not only brilliant, but you would also be courageous!

People often say to me, "but I have to worry!" Or, "but I have to tell them what to do, or they won't do it right!" Or, "I just have trust issues, I don't trust anyone."

Here I go with the lecture (insert me smiling big here)...

Worry, telling others what to do, and distrust comes from fear.  Fear is the opposite of faith. Whether you fear more or have more faith, it is the mood of your mind, which can be on autopilot, aka habits, aka the subconscious mind.

Last month, I spoke to a group of people about how to destress your life with faith, hope, and charity. Most of the individuals agreed with nearly everything I said, most likely because they consciously believed it.

The next week, I was with the same group and they were arguing that people have to be stressed. One guy even told me getting stressed is good. Seriously!?! Hello!?!


Well, stress is just fear. Actually, we were discussing anger, which is stress, and it shows up for three reasons; first because of the fear that one won't get their way, second because that person believes he or she will not be able to handle it (whatever their mind thinks 'it' is), and third because it becomes a habit, aka a mood of the mind.

Believing that you have to become angry is just a belief. I know many people who never get angry, including me. Sure my anger can be kindled, but within milliseconds, poof, it's gone.

The week before, I had discussed anger, how to get rid of it, and that it is totally possible to get rid of it.  These same individuals I discussed this with agreed because they consciously were hearing what I was saying.

The next week they forgot all of it and argued against what they agreed with a week earlier because of the mood of their mind and their deep subconscious beliefs. My, my, I could go on and on about this stuff...

Why do I bring this up?  I bring it up because you may agree with what I say about overcoming worry, control, and distrust and that a person can become amazing, brilliant, and courageous but you may not believe you will be able to overcome any of it, therefore you will believe it is normal, or that people have to worry. Worse yet, you may believe that there is no possible way that you, as a person, could ever overcome worry, control, and distrust.

That, my friend, is just a belief, and quite a humongous illusion.

You can enlarge your vision, you can retrain your brain, and you can overcome worry, control, and distrust.

I know this with all my heart and soul because I have seen so many people do it, with a little help, a willing heart, and an open mind.

Sheesh! The reason I am probably so good at relieving peoples' crises, and despair is not only that I have had years of practice but, when people are at the end of their rope, they are so desperate they will try anything.

Have you ever heard about people who had to reach their lowest to do anything to lift themselves up? Well, my friend, I believe in prevention, and that means preparation.

I am a firm believer, and I teach my clients this as well, in practice being fully present in faith.

What the heck does being fully present in faith mean? It means to be fully present at the moment, and without fear. I practice this daily in my meditations, and I am pretty darn good because practice makes nearly perfect.

If you are willing to try and release your worry so that you may have more faith in others, you can practice, and discover being fully present in faith, as you meditate.

There you have it! My ramble on how to destress your life with faith in others.

Until the next post...

Elizabeth Stanfill

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