Saturday, March 29, 2014

How To Destress Your Life With Faith In Yourself

How to destress your life with faith in yourself is what I wanna ramble bout today...

Hello, there my lovely friend, how are you this wonderful Spring day? I pray that you are fantabulous. I believe I know rather that you are amazing and brilliant.

How do I know you are? Because I know your worth, and that is what I will discuss this day.

Every single thing we do, every single day, is determined by the faith we have, or don't have, in ourselves.

We stay in our jobs, homes, relationships, and health because we believe that is what we deserve, and we believe that is what we can get or have.

For example, we apply for jobs, or careers we believe we have a chance at, and we do not apply for certain positions because we do not believe we can obtain them.

Many individuals remain in stressful lives because of the beliefs they have about themselves.  In order to destress one's life, it helps to understand the thought process as to the level of faith one has in himself or herself.

So, here I go...

Our self-esteem plus our self-confidence equals our self-worth.

Our worth never changes because we are worth so so so very much. We are children of God, and we have a spirit, which says everything about how much we are truly worth.

Our self-worth, on the other hand, fluctuates as easily as our mood.

If on Sunday, we go to church, learn of God, and how important we are, our self-worth may be magnanimously high. Contrary to that if we work in an environment that houses unprofessional individuals who bully people on a daily basis, we can feel very small, and our self-worth may be very low, and small.

Faith in the self is based on our current self-worth.

Our self-esteem is the level of respect we have for ourselves, meaning the words, thoughts, feelings, and actions we maintain, towards the self are either respectful or disrespectful. You know what I am talking about. ~wink, wink~

Our self-confidence is the level of certainty about ourselves, meaning the faithful, or unfaithful words, thoughts, feelings, and actions we maintain, towards the self.

This confidence I speak of is very different from arrogance. Arrogance is ignorance, but confidence is knowing what you know without having to be better, smarter, or righter than anyone, capeesh?

If you would like to destress your life by increasing faith in yourself, you would do very well to increase your self-worth.

In order to increase your self-worth, you would do great by increasing your self-esteem, i.e., treating yourself with more respect, and increasing your self-confidence, i.e., recognizing your certainty of what you know, and can do, not what you do not know, and cannot do.

Two very easy ways to increase your self-esteem, and self-confidence is to create habits of complimenting and encouraging yourself.

When you compliment yourself you will focus on your good, your gifts, and create respect versus focusing on the bad and using negative words to describe yourself.

When you encourage yourself, you will focus on what you can do, and notice your abilities to do, which will create more trust in yourself.

If you want to increase your faith in yourself and increase your self-worth, go ahead and intentionally practice complimenting and encouraging yourself.

Have fun with this!

If you really want to increase your self-worth, get to know your spiritual being. When we get to know our spiritual being, we realize how truly amazing, brilliant, and courageous we truly are.

How do we get to know our spiritual being? Meditation my friend.

Meditation, affirmations, and visualizations.

All of my clients meditate, affirm, and visualize.

I meditate, affirm, and visualize!

Why meditate, affirm, and visualize?

Because meditation allows us to hear, and become conscious of what our habitual subconscious mind is telling us, because affirming what we want reminds us to do better, and visualizing what we truly want gives us inspiration and motivation.

But heck, please do not believe me!

Find out for yourself.

Practice meditation, affirmation, and visualization, and see for yourself.

Meditate by quieting your mind, affirm by repeating in your mind what you want, and visualize yourself often in the best possible scenario.

There you have it... how to destress your life with faith in yourself.

Have a wonderful day...

Love you so much,

Elizabeth Stanfill

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