Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hey Hey!!!  Day 22 ;0)


OOOOOh, am love me some Thanksgiving!!!

Family, and food equals a fun thang!

I'm happay!  Are you happay?

how to destress, Elizabeth Stanfill
I hope so, with all my heart and soul I hope you are, and if you are not, you must know that is exactly why I write in this blog.

I have seen so much death, destruction, dying, gruesome imagery, and sadness in my 48 years of life.  Matter of fact, I have experienced much of sadness myself.  But not so much anymore.

It is my hope and desire to help people create happiness, energy, and vitality.  I know what it is to be in deep despair, and it sucks big time.  I also know that we don't have to be in despair very long if we but know what to do.  That is another reason I do this blog.

Can you be happy now?  Are you happy where you are at?  Do you need other things to make you happy?

If you are not happy with where you are at, you may be practicing unhappiness.  Hear me out now.

Sometimes, no matter what we are going through, especially if it is difficult, we have to create the happiness habit.  The habit of happiness is focusing on one's blessings, and the good things in life.  

How appropriate, talking about the happiness habit when we are smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a day of practicing appreciation.

If we do not focus on our blessings, more things cannot make us joyful because we are not practicing happiness.           

So, here is what you gotta do, to create the happiness habit...

One...  Always focus on what you have!  Be grateful for what you have!  Count your many blessings, count them one by one, count your many blessings, and see what God has done ;0)

Two...  If someone is killing your joy, they are on your last nerve, and they are making you absolutely miserable you can do one, or two, of two things.  1) Focus on their good.  If they are making you miserable it makes it very easy to focus on that, and not see the good in them.  2)  Pray for your enemies.  Pray for this person.  This one works all of the holy moly time.  

I can tell you countless of stories about me focusing on a person's good and praying for people who were making my life miserable.  This stuff works!!!  I have clients who have done it too.  It works!  Trust me on this one.

There was a rental prop next to my house and these gosh derned drug dealers moved in.  It was a nightmare!!!  I just prayed for them to choose a better life, that they would receive something better, that they would see their happiness without drugs, and that they would become closer to God. 

The female started to go to church, dumped the guy, and they moved out, all within three months.  

So, if you are not happy, especially on this happy day of the year, then try creating the happiness habit by focusing on your blessings, and pray for the one who you think is making you miserable.

ps...When you feel sad and blue, there is only one thing to really do, think of someone less fortunate than you, and do something for them.  This never, ever fails to create happiness.


Elizabeth Stanfill