Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hello there!  Day 25 ;0) wew, just five days left ;0)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!  I sho did!  Good family, and good food, equals fun, fun, fun.

Are you among the FB addiction?  I go on sometimes once or twice a day for a few minutes to scan the feed, and sometimes, I go on once a week.  I love to read positive posts.  I also love to block people who post hateration.

Hate is a very harsh word, I know.  And I don't really hate, so I will call it strongly dislike.

This is what I struggle with, and strongly dislike...

Hater's, lol.  There was so many posts about Black Friday, and so much criticism.  There is always one incident that causes some sort of devastation and then people want to, and love to, generalize to all of the Black Friday shoppers.

Haters like to post criticism about people, like they are perfect.  

I love, love, love for people to post positive stories, and quotes.  I love, love, love for people to proclaim what they will do to better the world.

Another thing about Face Book, is that people are on it all day long, every day.  The thingy about this is, I think in my head, "Really!?!  Get off FB and spend some quality time with your family!"  

I know a person, and maybe a few, that post every 3 minutes, seriously.  They are on FB all day, every day, and they post things that make them seem ridiculous.

What about parents?  Can you imagine..."Wait a minute, pose, and I will post this on FB."  All day?  Poor family.  

What about people who claim they are coaches?  Seriously!?!  You want to coach me to have a better life, when you don't have one yourself because you are on FB all day posting judgmental, and ridiculous shiz?

Okay, those are my struggles.  LOL!  Rough life, eh?

By the way, I have blocked over 70 people because of their hateration, and  ridiculousness. 

Just my thoughts about the FB craze.  What do you think?  Am I too hateful?  Am I too judgmental for judging those who judge and are judgemental?

Let me know what you think!  Just remember one thing, I am truly an advocate for finding happiness from within, not from external, false forces.  I am truly an advocate for long-term satisfaction, especially in families, not instant gratification.

Well, have a wonderful day!  Thanks for reading my rant...

Elizabeth Stanfill

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