Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hello there.  How are you?  I hope you are having a fantastic week so far.  Forgive me for not posting but I have excuses.  You know what I say about excuses? LOL ;0)  They are just words that we think make us feel better and just plain ole lack of just doing it.

Normally, I do not work in September but, I got deadlines to meet.  Therefore, I am playing hard and working hard.  When we play hard, and work hard, we cause ourselves a lil bit of undue stress, so...I am going to talk about how to reduce stress.

Listen up now! 

When we are stressed, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, often times our ugly side may come out.

Wait a minute... eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....  That's my brake sound, get it? ~giggle~

Let me talk about me.  The reason I wanna talk about me is because, I believe, with all my heart and soul that everyone has stress, even the 'Behavioral Scientist Stress Specialist', Elizabeth.  Also, I don't want to talk about anyone in a general sense, or try to fix them.  What I do do is, I practice what I preach, and am very successful at destressing and loving life, and I want to help others to do the same.

What I meant is, when I am stressed, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, often times my ugly side can come out.

What I mean by ugly side is, the negative emotions that I experience when I am stressed.

These negative emotions are anger, anxiety, or depression.  By the way, these are the number one negative emotions that I help people overcome, daily.  They hurt us, make us feel like poop, and often times we experience regret.

In honor of my friend, who I spoke to yesterday, and who mentioned she would like to learn some skills, here is a short list of things that can be done to reduce these negative emotions, aka stress.

First, anger.

If you get angry, try this.
1.  Sit there and feel the anger, really try to feel the anger.  As my protege says, the anger tries to hide, but it is really just disappearing because it is an illusion.  Feelings are illusions that appear from our thoughts, and they are illusions because we think they are a part of us when actually, they are just reactions from our thoughts.  So, when you try to feel the anger, it disappears because the thoughts that created the anger disappears.

2.  Ask yourself, "Can I let this anger go?"  (little hint, the answer is yes)  ~wink wink~
3.  Then ask yourself, "When will I let it go?" (nother hint, the answer is now) ~wink~
4.  Then take a deep breath, point your face towards the sky, and exhale big, through your mouth.  As you do this, imagine the wind taking that anger away somewhere.
5.  Repeat exercise, until the anger is completely gone, and if you practice this, I promise, you will have more control over your anger.

Second, anxiety.

When you are anxious about something, try this.

1.  Think of the absolute worst thing that can happen within the situation that you are thinking of.  Write it down.
2.  Think of the absolute best thing that can happen within the situation that you are thinking of.  Write it down.
3.  Rip up the absolute worst thing, and let it go.  Be prepared, but let it go.  When there is anxiety, the foundation comes from worry, and worry is just thinking of the worst thing.  It's a habit.

4.  Carry the absolute best thing that can happen with you, whereever you go, read it often, and worry about that.  Think constantly that that best thing is going to happen, have faith in it, and replace the habit of thinking about the worst with thinking about the best. 
5.  Repeat the exercise, as many times as is needed in order to really feel it, and believe the best.  This is amazing because you will start to think of all the things necessary to do to make the best thing come to pass, instead of worrying about the worst, and freezing in overwhelmed fear.

Third, depression.

If you are sad, or depressed, try this.
1.  Every day, write at least 25 things you love about yourself, and your life.  It doesn't have to be different things, the next day, they can be the same as yesterday, but try your hardest to search.  

2.  Do this every morning before you face the world, and do it for at least three months.
3.  If you have always struggled with sadness, you should do this everyday, for the rest of your life, and I will tell you why.  Sadness comes from thinking of what we don't have, what we would like to have but we don't think we will ever have, and from comparing ourselves, and our lives, to people who have, what we think are, better lives.  It's a habitual way of thinking.
4.  Repeat often, which allows one to evolve the mind to focusing on what is good, what we love, and what we are grateful for.  That, my friend, is a recipe for happiness through our thoughts.

I know, with my heart and soul, that these exercises work but, please don't believe me, try it for yourself, and then you can believe with your heart and soul as well. 

These are excellent exercises that I know of that do work.  They are ways to reduce stress.  They are in noway a form of replacement for professional treatment.  Therefore, if you have severe anger, anxiety, and/or depression, please consult your personal doctor to find out ways that he or she can help you.

Also, you can read my latest post, "Happiness Comes From Within."

Have a super duper week Sugah!

I LOVE YOU!!!  I TRULY DO!!!  And that's all I got to say about that.


Don't forget!  Have fun!  Be Playful!

Speak soon...


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