Monday, September 17, 2012


Hello there, my friend.  How are you?  Did you have an excellent weekend?  I sho did!

Are you ready for your week? 

This week is going to be the happiest, most joyous week all year.  I told my girls that last night because it is true!!!  Every Sunday night, I talk to my girls.  They are my million dollar Ma Ma's, because we gonna make mo than a million dollahs, each.  ~wink, wink~ 

My girls are the most positive people in the world!!!  I love them, and am so grateful for them.  We Master Mind together, and it is brilliant.  Do you Master Mind?  Well, if you don't, maybe you ought to consider it.  Do you know what Master Minding is?  It is a group of people you get together with to focus on BIG life goals, organize your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and then you produce.  It is absolutely, without a doubt, BRILLIANT!!!  We are producing Ma Ma's.

Okay, enough of that rant.  I just love my girls, and I wanted to brag about them, and share the wonderful idea of a Master Mind.

Any who...This week, is already the greatest, happiest, joyous week all year.  I feel good now, dah dah dunt, dah dah dunt...  ~attempting to sing in a blog post~  LOL.

Why, oh why is it the bestest, greatest, happiest, joyous week all year?  For two big reasons.  First, it is my birthday this Wednesday, which is the middle of the week.  Isn't that lucky?  Second, because I have chosen it to be.  Greatest, happiest, bestest, joyous, is all just a choice, and I want to share my choice with you.

What do you think about that?  My girls already have made the choice, now it is your turn.  Sound silly?  Yes?!?  Maybe, but just imagine, if you choose this week to be the greatest, happiest, joyous week all year, you gonna have a bad ars week!  BOUYA!

I am silly, immature, out of my mind crazy, but I love life.  Take a chance, my friend, and make it the best, this week, and watch yourself love your life.

Destressing yourself, is all about loving life, isn't it?  Oh yeah it is!

I love you!!!  Just want you to know that.  You are very special.  Your soul is very very important in the sight of God, in the sight of the one's who love you, and that includes me.

I hope the best for you, and I pray for you to have the bestest week ever.

Okie dokie day!?!

Speak soon...


Don't forget!  Have fun!  Be Playful!