Monday, June 6, 2011


Your Mind is creating your life.

If you think 
something is bad, it's bad.  If you think something is good, it's good.

I know a man who lost his job.  He used to work all hours of the day and night with no time for his family.

He was in terrible crisis because of the fear of no job.  His life was coming to an end in 'his mind.'

After talking a little and questioning his beliefs, he has discovered that his life is perfect - RIGHT NOW!

He is spending lots of time with his family and enjoying it because he has learned to destress himself, and he has all the time and opportunity to obtain the occupation he has always dreamed of.

He is selling some stuff he owns to have money and to de-clutter his house.  He is meditating and practicing deep relaxation, which he admits he would have never done had he not lost his job.  By learning to meditate and relax, he has eliminated his anxiety.

What used to be a horrible life in 'his mind' is now the perfect opportunity because he questioned the thoughts in his mind.

He questioned his beliefs and discovered that his mind is the Center of Divine Operation of His Life.

If you learn to question your beliefs, you will learn to destress yourself.

One great way to question your beliefs is to ask yourself, "what is the opportunity in this situation?" 

In my humble opinion, there is an opportunity in every difficulty.  Look for that opportunity and find the good in what seems wrong.

Find what is good in what you think is terrible, and you will learn to destress yourself  ;)  I promise.

That's all I got ;;;)

Have a great week and don't forget to have fun...

Be playful...