Sunday, April 5, 2020

Destress Technique

Today, I would love to give you a destress technique that will relieve your stress immediately, anytime, and anywhere.

Hello there, my wonderful reader! How are you? It is my prayer that you are enjoying life.

Some people may be unable to enjoy life right now, and it is likely because of what is going on for them personally. When times are difficult it may be easy to  practice doubt, fear, and worry. When we practice doubt, fear, and worry, we practice stress.

No one wants to be stressed or to practice stress. Unfortunately, some individuals are unknowingly trained up in that way. The good news is, we can practice what we want, into permanence.

Most people want the opposite of being stressed, which is being relaxed. People want calm, confidence, and peace.

There is a relaxation response, and a stress response. Often times the stress response is activated by conditioned, habitual thoughts of fear of the future.

The relaxation response can also be habitual, but if it's not, one can practice it into permanence, and replace the stress reaction.

You have probably guessed that the destress technique I am going to teach you is how to activate and practice the relaxation response.

The relaxation response is powerful. 

The relaxation response is so powerful that it has taught many others, and myself to be in a place of calm, certainty, and confidence in all situations. Could you imagine that?

It is totally possible to live in a place of permanent stress relief by practicing the relaxation response, and that is why I want to teach you this technique today.

The relaxation response is super easy to learn, and can be practiced at anytime, and any where.

Here are the steps to practice immediate stress relief through the relaxation response.

Step one: Inhale slowly through your nose filling your lungs to full capacity.

Step two: As you feel your lungs expand, notice the pressure of your lungs pushing down on your diaphragm (the muscle between your chest and stomach). 

Step three: Allow this feeling of pressure on your diaphragm to be the button that activates the relaxation response, and feel your entire body, and mind prepare to relax.

Step four: Exhale slowly through your mouth and consciously imagine all of the thoughts and emotions of strain, and tension leave your mind and body with the out bound breath.

Step five: Be aware of your mind clearing and your body giving way to gravity into a relaxed state.

Step six: Enable your entire body, and mind to practice being relaxed.

Step seven: Savor the body and mind relaxation for as long as you are able. See if you can prolong the feeling of being calm, confident, safe, and secure for longer periods of time, each time.

Step eight: Repeat steps one through eight.

There you have it! The relaxation response.

Practice makes nearly perfect so practice, practice, and practice some more.

This is easy, and if you want to destress yourself, you will put this at the top of your priority list.

You could practice the response three times a day, or at the top of every hour.

You could practice this exercise after each meal.

Figure out a way to implement this easy destress technique and you will be supreme at permanent stress relief.

If you are really serious about destressing, and creating peace in your body, mind, and soul, I'd practice it every day, and make a commitment to do it as frequently as possible.

This is the way of conditioning.

It is a small price to pay for respite, and serenity.

You can do this, and it will be oh so very beneficial for you, your family, and your future.

Never give up on practicing the calm, confident, safe, secure feelings that you deserve, and desire.

Para ti!


Love you so much.

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