Friday, May 20, 2016

How to Destress Your Worry

How to destress your worry is what I wanna talk about this day.

Hello there my friend. How are you? I pray that you are doing okay.

People are worried! Every where I turn people are talking about their worries.

Individuals are ranting and raving about politics.

Some are ranting and raving about religion.

But, most people are voicing their concern about the future.

Are you worried? What are you worried about?

When I was a young single Mother, I was always worried about money, and yet here I am years later totally okay.

The worry is in the mind, and so I want to share a specific activity that can, and will, destress worry.

So, here we go...

Get a piece of paper, and a pen, and lets get to gettin'. If you want to destress your worries then make a commitment to do this little ole exercise. It's easy, trust me.

First thing to do is name what you are worried about. Can you name it and explain it? Are you worried about another person, money, a relationship, or your job?  Whatever you are worried about, write it at the top of the piece of paper that you have.

Write, I am worried about... and then fill in the blank. Try to be as specific as possible.

Got it?

Okay, now, write down the absolute worst thing that you think could happen. I'm talking about if you think you are going to be homeless if you lose your job, divorced if you are going to lose your spouse, or whatever it is that you believe could happen that is the absolute worst outcome. Write it down.

Got it?

Okay, so by now you must know that worry is just faith that the worst thing is going to happen, which believe it or not, is probably not going to happen.

The bad thing about worry, and having faith that the worst thing is going to happen is we tend to move towards the worst thing by way of planning. In other words, this worry unknowingly becomes a goal. Yeap! That's right, a goal. An unintentional goal, nevertheless, a goal.

Now... let us write down the absolute best thing that could happen. Write down the absolute best outcome that could possibly come to pass.

Got it?

Here comes the best part!

Read what you wrote for the absolute worst possible outcome, and ask yourself if it's going to happen. Is it going to happen? What is the chance of it happening? What's the percentage you would put on that actually happening? Write it all down.

This is good!

Next, ask yourself if it does happen could you handle it? It's probably not going to happen but, you could handle it if it did couldn't you?

Wait!!! It's about to get better.

Read what you wrote for the absolute best possible outcome, and ask yourself if you could make it happen. Could you make that happen? What would you have to do to make it happen?

Next, write down everything you have to do to make this happen, and then number the list in priority.

Got it?

Alright now, stop! Stop everything you are doing, put your pen/pencil down, close your eyes, and take five minutes to imagine you doing the priority list that will bring the best outcome to pass. As you imagine yourself accomplishing the to do list, begin to see yourself bringing to pass this best possible outcome that you designed for yourself. 

Imagine yourself in the place of accomplishment. Imagine yourself in the place of living the desired outcome.

Did you do it?  You gots to do this! 

How did that feel? Did you not feel so much better? This process that you just went through to make you feel better is exactly how you destress your worry.

If you do this practice everyday, you will create a belief, and behavior that will eliminate your worry and promote stress relief on a daily basis. This activity is actually creating thoughts and habits of faith in yourself, and eliminating thoughts and habits of worry.

Practice this everyday, and you will become very good at living a less stressed life.

You will not need to write the worst and best outcome down everyday unless it changes but, if you read what you wrote, then ask yourself the questions, and then visualize the best outcome, you will eliminate your habit of worry, and replace it with confidence.

This new found confidence will create inspiration to act on your prioritized list.

If you are stressed out, worried, or are experiencing negative emotions on a regular basis I would encourage you to do the exercise that is provided in this post.

This is what I really want you to hear.

If you are stressed, or even just unhappy, no one, and I mean no one can make things better for you except you. You are the most important player in your game of life, and you deserve to destress your life. You absolutely have the power.

If life is lovely for you, there is no reason for you to create a new practice. But, if life is not so lovely, please try the exercise and see where it takes you. Replacing unhealthy habits with new healing one's is so very powerful, and it all begins with you.

You can do it, if you want to. 

Hope that helps. I just wanted to share a way to pave a less stressed life for you.

If you didn't do the exercise, go back and do it, and then enjoy your weekend!

Let me share a little secret with you. Every night, before I go to sleep, I always think about the best possible outcome for me in any situation that I feel like visualizing. This practice not only keeps me focused on what I want, it gives me passion and energy for life.

That's one of my secrets. Don't tell anyone. 

I love you Sugar! You know I do!



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