Friday, March 13, 2015

How to Destress Your Anger, And Anxiety

How to destress your anger, and anxiety is what I want to blog about this day...

In my younger years I must of been the most angry, and anxious person I knew.

In my youth, I was so angry, and anxious I didn't even know it.

Sure, I knew how to be happy and enjoy life but I would teeter into anger, and anxiety so much.

What finally brought all of this to my attention was my bout with burnout.

All of these negative emotions brought me to a place where I was emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted.

This multilevel exhaustion came from the distress of the combined hurtful emotions I was wavering in and out of on a daily basis.

No matter how much sleep I got, how good I ate, or how much exercise I did I continued in exhaustion.

These combined, harming, and negative emotions came through in the form of chronic fatigue.

Finally, there were three things that alleviated my burnout.

First, and foremost, was my relationship with God.

Second, there was my relationship with my son.

Thirdly was my education in Behavioral Science.  During my undergraduate degree, and my upper division classes, I researched, studied, and wrote about stress of all levels.

Knowing that God is real, I went to church every Sunday, prayed everyday, sometimes throughout the day, and studied the scriptures every morning.  This gave me great comfort and understanding.

Jesus said, "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls." ~ Matthew 11:29, The New Testament, The Holy Bible, KJV

I know, with all my heart and soul this is true.  I experienced it first hand.

Not only was I wavering in all those unhealthy states, I was also a single Mother, attending school, working full-time, and paying all the bills.  You'd think my son would have been neglected and all emotionally dysfunctional but he is the most amazing person I know.

The relationship I had, and continue to have, with my son is based on pure unconditional love.  We always had, and have fun, and were, and are very playful.

My son taught me to listen, love, and play, which are the best ways to relieve stress.

When I listened to him, I forgot all my stress and worry.

When I loved him, my heart had no room for hate.  In fact, this love replaced all of my hate.

When we played, whether on the beach, the playground, or in the swimming pool, I practiced enjoying my self more and more.  This practicing of the joy healed my hurt.

Heavenly Father blessed me with the most lovable son in the Universe.  He taught me to love others, and myself unconditionally.  He also taught me kindness.

Obtaining my degree showed me that there are solutions via medication and behavioral modification.

Three other things that I have done for myself besides believe God, my son, and my education were meditation, knowing that with God I can handle anything, and commanding my consciousness with compliments and encouragement.

Heavenly Father, my son, my education, meditation, faith, and taking responsibility for the voice (my thoughts) in my head helped me overcome anger, and anxiety.

These gifts also allow me to help others heal from their anger, and anxiety.

Meditation is a mind exercise that creates awareness of the ability to quiet the mind, and to hear the hurtful thoughts that are running on without control.

Manifestation is seeing the results come to fruition from practiced efforts.

Mantras are intentional words or phrases created to bring about application, remembrance, and work for deliberate change. When we are living in despair it is coming from hurtful and unintentional mantras within our mind.  Therefore, we have mantras anyway, and why not make them healing rather than hurting?

I'm going to teach the world to meditate!

Why?  Because this is where our connection to Heavenly Father is, and this is where the connection to our spirituality is.  When we are connected to Heavenly Father, and our spirit we live in bliss, and joy.

When we meditate we discover the place of compliments and encouragements, which replaces criticism and discouragement.

This very spiritual place is where true insight, understanding, and wisdom resides.  This is the place where creative and critical thinking are located and found in the quiet conscious mind.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Have an amazing weekend...

Speak soon...


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