Monday, December 10, 2012


Hello there ;0)  Merry Christmas

Boy oh boy, stress is super high.  How do I know stress is super high?  Well, for one thing, people are showing it by there behavior.  I am talking family, friends, and strangers.  Maybe it's the economy, or maybe it's the combination of economy, holidays, and stressful situations. 

Looking at the statistics of my blog, Friday's traffic increased about 450% from the average day, and 300% from the average Friday.  The number one post read? HOW TO DESTRESS YOUR HOLIDAYS.  The number two post read?  BEING CONNECTED TO GOD.

One of the things that stresses us out the most is the habitual thought process of worry.  When we worry, we always think of the absolute worst thing that can happen, and then we move towards it as if it were a goal.  It's just a habit that many people have.  Do you have this habit?  I think we all do to some degree, don't you?

If you have the habit of worry, let me give you a suggestion on how to reduce stress by evolving the mind in order to eliminate this habit.

First, get a blank piece of lined paper, and then begin to write your life as if it were perfect.  In other words, if your life was absolutely perfect, what would it look like?  Who would you be?  Where would you live?  What would you do for a living?  How would you look? Act? Behave?  What would be your hobbies?  Who would you spend your days with?  Write stuff like that.

Second, make a list of all the things you wrote, prioritize it, and then pick up to six or seven things that you want the most.

Third, create affirmations to remind yourself that is what you want, and that you will make a commitment towards these things to improve your thoughts of yourself, your life, and your future.  An example of an affirmation would be, "I am a healthy athlete."  This is something you really want to move towards and is said in the present tense. 

Fourth, say the affirmation in your head, all the time, and visualize yourself being it.  This increases your faith and reduces your stress.  You see, when we worry, we focus on the worst, when we do this exercise, that I am proposing, we are doing the exact same thing but only focusing on the best thing that could happen, and evolving the mind to have faith instead of worry.

Fifth, and final, If you REALLY believe in God, not just say that you believe, but REALLY believe, deep down in your soul, then tell yourself this..."I am a child of God, He loves me, and with You, God anything is possible.  I can do this with Your help God, I know You love me, You want me to have faith, and I can do this.  I KNOW I CAN!"

Client, after client, after client, after client has done something very similar to this, and they ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS improve their life, and move towards their dream.  Just yesterday, I spoke to a woman I worked with, less than a year ago, and she is living exactly what she dreamed of, and affirmed.

Try it!  You will, without a doubt reduce your stress.  I do it all the time, it gives me faith, and I constantly move forward. 

If you find that your anxiety or depression is too strong in your mind, and you are unable to concentrate to do this, then please consider meditating to reduce stress.  Meditation is the most powerful exercise that we can do to quiet our mind, and evolve our mind from negative to positive. 

My friend there is less than three weeks until the New Year, I propose that you do this exercise now, and you will be ready for your New Year's Resolutions.  Matter of fact, you will be way ahead of your game.  Make a commitment to do this exercise for a minimum of three weeks, and do it nowYou will evolve your mind, and be in a great place to start the New Year off with new and improved goals, and ways to do them.

You got this!  You can do this! 

Have a great week.  I sho do love you...