Thursday, November 1, 2012


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Hello there. Today is November 1, and bloggers are challenged to post every day this month. Why? I don't know, really, but I love a challenge. So, you will see a post from me every day, hopefully. Nope! That is fear creeping in, and I won't do that. I had a glimpse of fear that I couldn't do it, but I know I can. Don't worry; I will keep the posts short and sweet, promise.

So, you ever notice when fear creeps in? When you think something terrible will happen soon and you can't handle it. I get glimpses of anxiety sometimes, especially when I am hormonal. He he he...

Fear crept in on me this morning when I woke up. The thoughts were like this in my head, "Oh no, I have a deadline, and I am not going to make it because it is too much stuff to do."  Yuppers, it was for a millisecond, and then I said in my head, "Nope! That is fear creeping in, and I won't do that. I know that I can handle it, and I will."  I popped out of bed, got on my knees, and prayed for my faith.

What about you? Do you ever have that fear creep in? Do you notice it? Do you eliminate it? You can you know? Because it is just a thought, and we are the boss of our thoughts if we know it and take that control.

My message today is, don't let that fear creep in because that is the seed of stress. When that fear creeps in, all kinds of worry start and the stress response kicks in. What happens when the stress response kicks in? Blood pressure and pulse rise, blood flow shifts, and body systems shut down, especially the immune system. Stress is the number one cause of every illness.

Notice when the fear creeps in, and stop it in its tracks, okee dokee? You do that, and you will definitely destress yourself.

Have a great day...

Elizabeth Stanfill 

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