Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello there!  How are you my friend?  Did you miss me?  It has been almost three weeks since I posted.  I miss you.  I truly do.  The thing is, I'm in Southern California and when May hits, the excellent weather hits.  Oh my goodeness, I love the summer.  Although, it can seem like summer all year round in So Cal, it is very easy to get out and enjoy the weather and friends from May through the end of September.

In my most recent years, I have been contemplating love, a lot, and what it can do for me.  Love is the highest positive emotion there is therefore, I attempt to feel it more and more often.  As I realize my obsession with love, I realize peoples' fear of it. 

Wasn't it the Beatles who sang, "All You Need Is Love?"  I said that to my son's girlfriend once, and her comeback was, "And shelter."  He he he.  That is funny, but true.

Okay, I ramble.  What I want to talk about is feeling better by destressing yourself with love.

Many people contact me when they are in their deepest moments of despair, and when they are in a miserable environment like work or at home.  After talking to them, I discover, in many cases, that people are reacting with anger, fear, and hate.  These emotions are the most negative emotions, and they make us feel like crudola.

So, if you are in a miserable environment, or you are in a situation that causes you despair, and you want to feel better, a good way to do this is by reacting with love.

Let me explain...

Let's say you have a suckie boss or a crummy coworker who seems to make your life miserable.  How do you react to them?  When they do something, do you react to them with the like behavior that they give you?
If you react with contempt, you are going to get contempt.  If you react with anger, you are going to get anger, and if you react with fear, you are going to get anxiety.  But, what if you could change your reaction to love, or humor?  If you did, you would get love or humor, and that would make you feel fantastico.

There is a person that I have a close relation to, and this person is angry, irritable, and very moody.  When this person behaves in this manner, I do not take offense, I do not get angry, irritable, or even moody in return.  I just love them.  How do I love them?  This get's deep...

The reason I love love, and I love to love people, is because it makes my world love.  Why in the heck would I want my world to be love?  Because, love is the most positive emotion there is, and it makes us feel bliss.  If you can't love everyone, and everybody (which might seem impossible) then you may not be able to control your happiness.  But if you can love everyone and everybody, you will always feel joy for yourself and life.

You do not have to believe me, or even give a hoot about my blah blah about love, but if you are in an unhappy environment, or situation, then just try a few things for your own happiness and joy. 

Try this...

If you believe that someone is getting on your nerves, and you absolutely cannot stand it anymore, do yourself a favor and make a list of all the things that person is good at, and all the things that you can appreciate about that person.  Do this for 30 days, every morning.  What this does is it allows you to focus on something different.  It allows you to focus on the good of the person rather than all the things that you think are bad.

Try this...

If someone is literally pissing you off, a lot, try to react to them with love and kindness.  Maybe you can look at it as though they are someones' son or daughter, or father or mother, and you want to treat them the way you would want your son, daughter, father, or mother to be treated.  When I use to work on an Ambulance, years ago, I always tried my hardest to treat people like a family member because it gave me patience, and helped me help them better. 

Now, when you react with love and kindness, you will get love and kindness back.  Maybe not right away but, it will happen sooner or later, and it will help you feel better.

Tell me, if you want someone to be kind to you, why would you act unkind?  If you hate it when people are unkind, why on earth would you be what you hate by being unkind? 

Just some things to think about in order to destress yourself.

Love is the greatest commandment and the fulfilling of the law. God is love! God is the truth therefore, love is the truth. It's all about focus and responsibility. 

I hope you have a great day!  Don't forget to have fun, and be playful.  Just a reminder ;0) and I will too.

Big Hugs...