Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey Hey!  Happy Monday.  I hope you had the best weekend ever, truly, truly I do.  Mine was pretty spectacular.

On this Monday mornin' I just wanted to share with you, how special you are, if you didn't happen to know.

Did you know that you bring joy to others?

Did you know that the little acts of kindness, with sincere words of praise, and your smile that is always bright, lifts another person's day?

Many people, including me, are so grateful for you and the thoughtful things that you do.

You are so very special!

You are so very important!

You are so very magnificent!

If you would be willing to look at all you do for others and what you have accomplished so far, you would see what I see, that you are a success!

My friend, no matter what is going on for you, no matter how busy your schedule is, no matter how worried you are about finances, and no matter what moments of despair that you may be experiencing, please know that you are so very special to so many people.  Look at the evidence, and you will see what I see.

Think about the idea that you are so very special to so many people, and just watch yourself destress.

With all my heart and soul, I hope and pray for you to have a wonderful, super duper allie ooper week.

Don't forget to have fun, and be playful.
Big Hugs...