Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Hello there my friend.  How the heck are you? I am doing pretty good.  A couple things have happened to me since I last posted and I have been experiencing a little bit of stress, so much so, that I got sick.  If you know me, and have been reading my blog long, you know that I believe that when we become ill, it's due to stress. 

You may know that one of my doggies died last August, and it tore me up.  Well, I lost my other dog, and I recently was rear ended by some knuckle head who was driving with a broken foot in a cast.  He slammed into me good, and my car was totaled.  Those are just a few things that happened to me, and I don't really want to talk about the other things because, well because, I just don't.  ;0)

So, what do you do when sh*t hits the fan, especially when you get sick?

It is my humble opinion that if you get sick, you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.  That is fo sho!  No matter what our station in life, we are taking care of others, whether it be at home, or in our occupation.  So, if you are sick, in order to destress yourself, you must take care of yourself and get well first, meaning get plenty of rest and provide nutrients to your body that you need.  In my case, I needed plenty of fluids, electrolytes, and nutritious food.

Another thing that plays an important part in our healing process is our subconscious mind.  Our subconscious mind is so powerful that it can heal us or make us worse therefore, we must watch what we are thinking.  If you are ill, and you say to yourself, "Oh, I feel so sick," or, "I am so tired!"  Your subconscious mind is so powerful that you will become more sick and tired.  Trust me on this one.  If you know what I know, and have seen what I have seen, you would absolutely, without a doubt, know how powerful your subconscious mind is in your outcome, no matter what it is.

The best thing we can think, and say to ourselves, when we are sick is, "I am feeling better," or "I am really getting better by the minute." 

Okay, enough of that tangent, back to when sh*t hits the fan.

Besides recovering, if you are sick, another thing we can do to destress ourselves is look for the lesson in our difficulties.  What is my lesson?  My lesson could be to know that hard times are just a part of life, and I can, and will, get through this with ease and grace.  My lesson could also be that Heavenly Father wants me to become really, really, really good at stress so that I can understand it even more, and help those in need even better than I already do.

Finally, when sh*t hits the fan, we can build our faith in God, life, others, and ourselves.  We build our faith in God by becoming closer to Him, by praying more, and by reading the scriptures more often.  We can build our faith in life, others, and ourselves by looking at this thing we call life as a school, and knowing that we are getting better and better rather than bitter and bitter.  Look at those who become bitter and how unsuccessful they are and then look at those who become better and better and how successful they are.

When sh*t hits the fan, this is what you gotta do...

1.  Take care of yourself
2.  Watch your thinking
3.  Look for the lesson, and learn
4.  Build your faith
5.  Become better and better
6.  Subscribe to my blog and read it ;0)

That's all I got!

Have a great day, and don't forget to have fun, and be playful.

Big Hugs...