Monday, July 5, 2010

Seriously Stressful Habits

You know, stress is a peculiar thing and I see it every where. The reason I see it every where is because I have been studying it for years. Sometimes I wish I could just say to people, "don't you know that what you are doing is causing you stress?" Why don't I say that, you ask? Because it is not that easy. Stress is very complex. Peculiarly complex.

I have taught stress management to thousands of people and in the formal teaching environment, I always issue a survey at the end of the class. The information in this survey has provided me with about a dozen different stressful habits that people have. I would even venture to say that these stressful habits could be classified as some of the upper most stressful habits that people experience.

I bet you would like to know what these habits are. Well, I will tell you what they are. But, be advised that these habits are in no specific order of importance because I have not determined that just yet. 

Here are some seriously stressful habits

Living life without specific goals

Having an apathetic attitude

Being stubborn and unteachable

Having a racing mind



Focusing on faults, yours as well as others'

Low self-esteem, lack of faith in self and others

Getting offended frequently and easily

Lack of focus on goals- lack of focus

Believing in bad luck and believing life is against you

Being to serious about life

There you have it, Elizabeth's list of stressful habits.

Take a look at it and just notice if you have any of these habits. Yes they are habits.

Until next post, don't forget to have fun and be playful!


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