Sunday, March 22, 2020

Faith in the Future

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Happy Sunday...

Faith in the future is what I'd like to discuss this day...

Back in 2008, when the economy barely began to crash, very few people were experiencing it. A gentleman contacted me, one of the first I'd ever helped that wasn't in the emergency field or military. This husband, and father was very frightened of the future because he lost his job and was in the midst of trying to obtain another.

He is a brilliant man, as most men and women are but, insecurity tends to block our intelligence. Fear gets in the way of intellectual thinking because it is often a distorted view of reality.

In working with this person, we had destressed his fear so that he could ease his moodiness and irritability, and focus and organize his thoughts. He was then able to enjoy the temporary time, he was given by God, to spend with his family.

Fearful thoughts tend to block our ability to have faith, enjoy life, and connect to God. Fearful thoughts of the future played over and over in the mind can, and will cause anger, anxiety, depression, despair, moodiness, irritability, and panic attacks.

Fear is very normal in this human existence, yet some of us become so fearful of the future that we cannot think of solutions. The thing is, whether we have faith in the future or fear for the future we cannot tell the future. If we were such great fortune tellers, could we not be making a million dollars a year?

Some people are convinced they have to be afraid, and this is a distorted view of reality. To waste energy and argue for fear is a very powerful disconnection from God.

It is the confident people who are running successful careers, companies, families, and organizations. It is the insecure individuals that don't get the opportunity for advancement because insecurity is uncooperative with success. 

I've mentioned this very much lately that we are contemplating, and focusing mechanisms.

So, if you are one of those individuals whom has fear of the future, and would like to evolve your behaviors and beliefs to having faith in the future, I have an experiment for you.

I do these experiments all the time...

I'm always conducting personal, spiritual experiments, and that's how I connect with, and talk and walk with God.

The experiments I do, always help me level up little by little, and I want to help anyone else who'd like to advance spiritually, meaning in their faith, love, and trust.

So, if you want to...

Here we go...

The Experiment...

This week, starting today...

Memorize all of the below, and repeat it as often as possible, all the while doing it as you say it.

"I Trust in God! And, I know, more amazing things that I could ever imagine will happen."

"Affirm it!"

"Contemplate it!"

"Meditate upon it!"

'Visualize it!"

Memorize, and repeat, "I Trust in God! And, I know, more amazing things that I could ever imagine will happen."

Affirm it after you say, "affirm it."

Contemplate it after you say, "contemplate it."

Meditate upon it after you say, "meditate upon it."

Visualize it after you say, "visualize it."

Does this sound silly to you?

This will not only help you focus on faith by desire, it is reconditioning and retraining your mind. I've done this, and still do. I've helped many of you create affirmations and ways of focusing, and some of you know it works. Some of you may have never followed through. It's all about the desire versus default theory.

Do this all day long in your mind, especially if and when the fear of the future creeps in. Trust me, it'll work. The goal is to be fully present in your mind as you do it so that you are not just saying it but really believing it and feeling it.

You, we, me are affirming, contemplating, meditating upon, and visualizing anyway. That is what we do as humans. Some of us focus on the worst, some of us focus on the best, and some of us go back and forth between the two.

It is your authority, and power to choose what you will do with your beliefs and behaviors. And you can do what you will by default or desire if you want to.

But the experiment is to see how great it works. It works! It will ease your stress more and more, as you continue in it. That is my humble opinion from my experiences.

One last thing. If you'd like to eliminate your fear and increase your faith even more, another thing you can do is not listen to and read, all day long, or even a little, the fear posts in social media, and the media. I'm just suggesting to limit it. If you really care about what goes in your mind you will limit it.

The scriptures don't teach us...

Trust in the Lord, unless...

Have faith in God, unless...

All things are possible with God, unless...

The truth is!

Trust in the Lord!

Have faith in God!

All things are possible with God!

So! Trust in God! And more amazing things that you could ever imagine will happen.

It's the law of faith my friend.

You are brilliant, and you have common sense. Common sense is confidence! Insecurity and fear is not common sense or confidence. Insecurity and fear lead to personality disorders, and phobias.

The evidence is clear!

Praying for your faithfulness, and fearlessness my dear sweet reader.

I have faith in you!

I have faith in me!

I most assuredly have faith in God otherwise I couldn't have faith in you or me.

Faith can heal the world.

God bless you and here's to your successful experiment. I'll do it too...

Speak soon...


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