Friday, June 14, 2019

Why Meditation?


Why I meditate and why I want to teach the world to meditate are the topics I wanna ramble about this day.

How are you? Summer is here in the United States, and people are busy, busy, busy.

When people are busy, busy, busy, they tend to get the momentum of the hurry-up disease, which causes anxiety and a lack of awareness of self and others.

As a young single mother, I was always busy and had a hurry-up disease momentum. This hurry-up disease has no mercy on the soul. The habit of being in a hurry does not allow for time to think about others or actions of the self because the focus is to hurry and get things done.

Let me tell you about my actions when I had the hurry-up disease. My most prevalent behaviors were anger, anxiety, complaining, criticism, debt, depression, drama, exhaustion, inappropriateness, insecurity, insomnia, irritability, moodiness, negativity, overeating, and worry. Just to name a few ~wink, wink~

All of these habits I mentioned I call addictions because an addiction, in my mind, is something a person believes he or she cannot quit. Individuals get so good at practicing a particular behavior they tend to live with the belief that they cannot stop that behavior.

Some people believe they have to hurry, hurry, hurry. Some people think they cannot quit their anger, anxiety, depression, despair, moodiness, or worry. No matter the action, it's just like an addiction. A person has to want to quit and begin to believe he or she can change.

Practice makes habits of permanence, whether they are thoughts, feelings, or actions!

Connecting to God and meditating has helped and still does help me lessen the negative behaviors I speak of above. I have been meditating since 1999 and have, I believe, eliminated much of my past harmful addictions/behaviors. I have mostly eliminated anger, anxiety, depression, and despair.

If something even tries to annoy me within seconds, I giggle because God and meditation have taught me that when I quiet my mind, I realize that life is not as serious as I used to make it out to be.

Please believe me when I say I know I am human and not perfect. Therefore, I keep practicing daily because I do not think one can or does become perfect without negative beliefs and behaviors. Practicing permanence is more of what life is about rather than perfection. When we make things permanent, we leverage habitual human behavior.

Meditation is simply the quieting of the mind, which gives awareness to the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the self and a greater connection to God. This awareness and connection allow one to recognize the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions and intentionally change them to more enlightening, inspiring, motivating, and positive thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The quiet mind allows one to practice the feelings of calmness, confidence, relaxation, and safety, which are the opposite of stress.

I have meditated for twenty years, and I know no one, personally, with more consistent joy than me. I do not say that to brag. I say that to convince you of the incredible pleasure God and meditation have brought me.

God and this joy I speak of have brought me out of the depths of despair and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Now I am the opposite person of whom I was 27 years ago (that's half my age, by the way). That, my friend, is the greatest thing of them all because I was miserable much of the time, and now I am in bliss most of the time.

I love life!

Could you imagine profound, deep, deepest moments of despair to the point of not wanting to live and then becoming so in love with life? That question is a primary reason I write this blog in hopes of helping my brother or sister here on earth. To help anyone I can, go from misery to joy.

The very act of moving from misery to joy is why I want to teach the world to meditate!

Could you imagine someone (possibly you) living in constant or periodic crisis, discovering meditation, making it a practice, and then never knowing or even experiencing crisis again? Could you imagine being in a state of confidence no matter what happens because you know how to remain calm and connected to God?

I have talked thousands of people out of their state of anxiety, and the way I did it was by remaining calm and talking to them through quieting their bodies, mind, and soul. Quieting others like that is something a person can do for themselves regularly and through regular meditation practice.

I have talked to many suicidal individuals and done it from a calm place, pointing them towards calming themselves and their faith in themselves, life, and others. Building on belief comes from a connection to God and a meditative mind of relaxation and feeling secure.

It may sound like I am boasting, and I am, but I do not boast of myself. I boast of God and practicing meditation.

All that calming and faith is much more complicated than just a few words of explanation. But, I know no other way than connecting to God and regular meditation practice that creates the success of bringing the self, as well as other people, from crisis to calm. There is no way I could have ever done what I have done, and still do, for others, and myself, if it weren't for my connection to God and my meditation practice that enhances that connection.

I shall meditate until the end of my days because life just improves.

I shall teach people to meditate until the end of my days because I see more and more success.

So... that, my friend, is why I meditate and want to teach the world to meditate.

The best part is that meditation doesn't take long at all. Five minutes a day is where anyone can begin. That five minutes can and will help anyone bring that quiet mind to the full force of the present moment at any time and anywhere.

You can begin by listening to the five-minute meditation video I created by clicking this link. The only thing required is focusing on the sounds. You can have your eyes closed or open. It's a start. Every journey begins with one simple step, eh?

I pray that I have inspired you to meditate so that you may develop a calm, sure, and confident mind. So you may learn what a constant state of relaxation, safety, and security feels like. So you may eliminate any anger, anxiety, depression, or any other negative emotion, especially despair.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Once you meditate, you can never go back!

What I mean by that is that if you begin to meditate, you will become so aware of your beliefs and behaviors that when you continue the meditation, life just gets better and better and better because you become more connected to God. That connection to God becomes obvious via guidance and inspiration toward others, you, and your future. 

When a person meditates, he/she begins to feel so good that if that person stops the meditation practice, the negative emotions experienced in the past become so much more intense. I believe that when an individual discontinues a meditation practice, the negative emotion becomes so much more profound because the feeling of good from meditation is so powerful. That contrast is so clear that anyone would long for that special good feeling place.

It takes practice to make permanent, and so one must continue meditation to remain in that good feeling place of a calm, clear, confident connection to the true self and God.

That connection, my friend, is authentic, which is precisely why I will meditate to the end of my days and possibly beyond. 

Nothing is more important to me than being connected to God! There are not enough money, recognition, or titles in the world more important to me than knowing, talking, and walking with God. I've been asking for that closeness and connection for the whole of my life! And, if you feel the same way, you will learn to make time for meditation.

Have a wonderful weekend and the week ahead.

Take good care!

Hug, hug, hug...

I love you...

Elizabeth Stanfill

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God bless you...