Monday, April 15, 2019

Something to think about...

Hello there my dear brother/sister...

How are you doing this day?

I pray with all my heart and soul you are doing okay!

One of my theories about life is..

There are three types of people:

There are those who will lift themselves and others because they know their value and worth. These are people predominately whom have overcome immense struggle and suffering, and have figured out happiness, i.e., success, comes from within.

There are those who will lower themselves and others because they are unaware of their value and worth. These individuals have had harsh conditioning at a young age and/or a devastation, or devastation's, they have experienced, which gives way to thoughts of insecurity towards life. These are people whom are not easy to be around.

There are those who lift and lower themselves and others in any given moment based on their mood. These are the average functioning people of our society.

The first category of people mentioned are very confident because they know their value and worth. The second and third types mentioned are those who experience much insecurity. 

Another theory I have is that insecurity is a humongous wall to development, and healing because it is more important for an insecure person to be right about themselves than to improve. Thus, all the blaming of their unhappiness on others, and/or their label. This behavior can, and will keep any being stagnant.

To believe that others could, and should, control their behavior towards us to make us happy, and not believe in the control of our own behavior is a bit insane.

We, unlike animals, have the free agency, the power, and the responsibility to choose what we can, and will do, say, and think. 

I was meditating this morning, as I do every morning, and I felt compelled to write this theory of mine.

This may, or may not resonate with you. But, if it does, it does, and if it don't, it don't. Either way, it's okay!

That's it!


You know...

I love you!

Speak soon...