Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Destressing Moments of Despair

Hello there!

Today, I want to begin a journey of destressing despair.

How are you doing my friend?

I hope and pray you are doing more than okay.

For many years I suffered deep moments of despair. For many years I responded to people in distress, as an EMT, on 911 (emergency) calls, and then I began my profession of responding to Emergency Personnel in deep moments of despair. Now, on occasion individuals will contact me who are experiencing the same. 

It is my personal opinion, when a person is suffering emotionally to the point of anguish, desperation, and hopelessness, it is quite possibly the worst feeling anyone can, and will experience. I know this because I personally experienced it for years, and have seen thousands of people suffer from it. 

The most important part of my experience is, I've witnessed relief in others and myself! I've witnessed healing from despair over and over and over again, and continue to see it. Additionally, I want to help anyone suffering and point him or her to the direction of peace.

If you are suffering emotionally, I would like to help point you in the direction of solace. It is my prayer that you will find a way to lift yourself from your broken heart no matter the cause. For it is you, and only you, who can, and will find rest for yourself if you seek it.

This is what I know for sure...

God is real, and if you turn to Him, He will comfort and strengthen you in that moment. 

This is what I also know...

Comfort and strength does not always last long when we are suffering. Matter of fact, we may only get glimpses of relief, one moment at a time. Therefore, we must continue to turn to God, every minute, of every hour, of everyday for our entire life here on earth.

Many people go to church on Sunday, and find respite from their emotional suffering. Then the week begins and life sets in with family, finances, relationships, and work, and so goes the stress, and the week. Then Sunday comes again, and more emotional rest. So goes the cycle.

I have learned that connecting to God, throughout the week, with quiet contemplation, and conversation, not only gives me guidance and inspiration but, comfort and joy. Yes! I converse with God, and I listen. He shows me evidence that He is real and I show Him faith that I know He is real.

I have frequent inner knowings of numerous things, and I know that these knowings are guidance and inspiration from God.

I've known God is real since a very young age of about four years old, and now at the young age of fifty four, my time is very much consumed with this knowing. There is no more despair because I turn to God more often than I ever have, and I just continue to.

There is no more anger, anxiety, or depression in my life because I feel God every moment, of every hour, of every day. Straight up! He is my life, and I talk about Him in nearly every conversation, and I walk with Him in nearly every step.

Please know that I am very human, and so I am imperfect. Sometimes I do get feelings and thoughts that I do want to get angry, anxious, or depressed but for only very teeny weeny moments. When I do want to have negative emotions, I will immediately giggle at myself because I have learned to laugh at me. 

Fearful feelings are human habits of this human experience that do diminish with proper practice, just as they grew with practice. 

It's alright if you do not believe me, but that is where it all begins, in a belief. To just believe is a glance at faith, then it takes repeated belief, and repetitive behaviors to get to where I proclaim to be. Certainly, my faithfulness and fearlessness for love and life did not happen over night.

Please understand, I do not believe I am better than anyone, and I am not bragging! I'm trying to prove there is destressing despair. Also, I believe in my capabilities within my confidence in God only because of the past fifty years of personal evidence, and the past twenty-seven years of witnessing others heal in a professional environment.

I know with all my heart and soul it takes faith and practice my friend.

The first step is to turn to God, and just keep on a practicing. That's all I do is practice and I love unconditionally. Love is the remedy for all despair. 

God is love...

"He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." ~1 John 4:8, New Testament, The Holy Bible, KJV

"And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him." ~1 John 4:16, New Testament, The Holy Bible, KJV

God is the solution...

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." ~Psalms 46:1, The Old Testament, The Holy Bible, KJV

If you do not believe in God, doubt your faith in Him, or just want to strengthen your conviction, ask Him for help, quiet your mind, and listen. He will show you He is real, especially if you are in despair.

This is the beginning... connecting to and turning to God, is the first step for relief from moments of sadness and sorrow.

That's all I gots...

Except, I love you!

God loves you!

You are so very special to Him! Seek Him more, and you will know, if you don't already know that this is true!

God bless you my dear sweet friend! My dear sweet brother/sister of this world.

Speak soon...