Friday, December 28, 2012


Hey Hey!  How's life?  You ready for the New Year?  Are you ready for 2013???

Have you made your New Year Resolutions so you can destress yourself?

Every single year, all year long, I make New Year Resolutions because I believe that never ending goal setting is the way to move towards a more fulfilling life.  Don't you agree?

Can you believe that some people never set goals?  Seriously!!!  If you are one that does not set goals intentionally, I got news for you, and that is worry about life sets your goals for you.  If a person constantly worries but doesn't set goals, they are thinking about the worst things that can happen in that particular worry, and guess what?  Yup!  They move towards the worst things that they think of.  That is how the mind works, it moves towards the very thing a person focuses on.  Focusing on worries creates the worst in one's mind, thus moving towards those worries, and wallah!  There you have it!  The unintentional goals.  The worries, and the worst, are the goals.

My words are just my way of encouraging you to set intentional goals to a better life instead of setting unintentional goals towards the worst life.  In other words, if you have not yet, get your New Years Resolutions a goin'.

One thing that can really help our goals, and the ability to stay focused is a philosophy about life, your philosophy about life.  Do you have one?  If you do, that is super duper allie ooper awesome!  

If we have a philosophy in life, about life, we can gauge every decision we make according to it, and it keeps us from getting lost in the business of life.  Have you ever felt lost?  Do you feel lost now?  If you do, look towards your philosophy for answers, and if you don't have a philosophy, it is time to create one.

My philosophy is LOVE!  That's it!  Just kidding, I mean, I am not kidding about it being love, but I am kidding that, that's it.  There is more to my philosophy than love, but if I could sum it up in one word, it would be Love!

My philosophy in life, for life, and about life is...

I believe in God, the Eternal Father, His son, Jesus Christ, and that my body is the temple that houses the Holy Spirit.  With every fiber of my being, and every cell of my body, I consecrate my life to, and I serve the Lord.  The pure love of Christ is charity, and charity is Love for life, others, and myself.

Pretty bold eh?  Deep down in my soul I know this philosophy is the foundation of my purpose in life and it is the foundation of my happiness that comes from within me.

No one knows more than me that I am far from perfect, but my philosophy helps me move towards what I think is perfect.  Getting better and better at life, to me, is moving towards love, and serving the Lord. 

This philosophy allows me to have answers to every question, and solutions to every dilemma I have.  It helps me live the life I am suppose to and it helps me live my passion and my purpose.  It helps me LIVE LIFE!!!

So, I ask you again, do you have a philosophy?  If not, isn't it time you create one?  Let us live by our philosophy so that we may live our passions and purpose, and so that we may LIVE LIFE.  It sure will help with our New Year Resolutions. Moowahahaha!  

Destress with a philosophy my friend!



Elizabeth Stanfill

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